A Derma Roller May Save Your Skin

A Derma Roller May Save Your Skin

Most of us are always looking for the next tool that will help our skin look its best. After all, everything we can do to help give our skin that extra push towards health and beauty helps us to feel more confident in our appearance. It doesn’t hurt that healthier skin is more resilient to the various forms of damage out there either. That’s why we put so much effort into making sure that our routines are just right by figuring out our skin types and making sure that we take any shifts in our skin into account when planning our product usage. All of this takes a lot of effort and skill over time. Nothing we do is perfect though and we know it. That’s why we keep looking for that edge. A derma roller may be the next thing you want to consider adding to your skincare routine as the surprisingly effective tool is wonderful for encouraging your skin to look and feel its best.

What Is It?
A derma roller, in its most basic form, is a device with a rolling surface. That in and of itself is neither interesting nor terribly exciting. What makes the derma roller so effective is the fact that the rolling surface is covered with countless micro-needles that poke the skin as they roll over the surface. This creates a lot of minor damage to the skin. All of this sounds a bit terrifying to those of us who have been trying to do our best to protect our skin for a long time, but the truth is you want this form of damage even if other kinds remain abhorrent. Damage from a derma roller is specifically designed to be both easily healed and so minimal that there are no lasting negative effects on your skin. All you’ll get are the positive ones from stimulating your skin with the derma roller and that is how they can help turn around problematic skin.

Healing Pinpricks
The idea of damaging your skin to help it heal seems more than a bit counter-intuitive. This is especially true give most people devoted to skincare spend a lot of time trying to avoid damaging their skin in countless ways. All that easily healed damage from a derma roller serves a purpose though. It is just enough to tell your skin to heal itself without being so much that it takes all of the efforts your skin will put into the healing. Your skin will repair far more than just the areas where it has been pricked by the microneedles. This, in turn, means that you’re dealing with a tool that can directly stimulate your skin’s natural healing process and encourage it to make more effort than usual. The end result is typically more youthful and healthy skin as your skin will try to repair as much damage as it can find before it expends all that energy devoted to healing the effects of the needles.

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Helping It Along
The entire effect of a derma roller is best summarized as a do-it-yourself micro-needling treatment. Most of us have seen these treatments available before and they’re no less valid when they’re available to you whenever you want. Admittedly, this does open the opportunity to support the treatment a bit more effectively. Consider using nourishing products high in vitamins A, C, and E after you’ve used your derma roller. This will give “channels” through which the topical products can avoid some of your skin’s natural resistance to products. Their effectiveness will be increased as a result of this. These vitamins are also known for further helping to stimulate your skin’s healing process and giving it the materials it needs to make collagen and other important structural proteins. This combined effort will be even more effective than a derma roller alone.

Not everyone has heard of a derma roller before or even the micro-needling treatment that the tool is descended from. This doesn’t make the tool any less effective though. As a means of stimulating skin health, it is a highly effective tool capable of giving your skin the extra push towards health that it sometimes needs. It may even be enough to help save problematic skin from a bad patch of health. Giving it a little bit of extra health with the right products will make it even more effective. All we have to do is actually make the effort.

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