A Plan for Smooth Décolletage Skin

A Plan for Smooth Décolletage Skin

When it comes to skincare, we tend to focus on the face. This certainly makes a good deal of sense; facial skin is in many ways the most sensitive and one of the thinnest areas of skin. Add to that the fact that one’s face is generally the first thing to be looked at by others, and there are a lot of solid reasons to focus one’s skincare efforts on the face.

This is all well and good, and by all means, keep protecting your facial skin. Keep investing in quality creams and serums, keep exfoliating, etc, etc. But just don’t forget the skin on the rest of your body. There are other areas that need attention too, and it just so happens that your upper chest—the part that shows most prominently when you wear those daring Décolletage necklines—is one of the most vulnerable areas of body skin, and should be treated with care. And—just like with facial skincare—it’s never too early to start.

So today, we’re here to give you a rundown of things you can do to make life a little less rough on the skin stretched over your upper chest.

Cleanse, But Be Gentle
In fact, your facial cleanser can pull double-duty here. Because your upper chest skin is relatively sensitive and fragile, just like your face, it’s good to be extra-careful. At the same time, you’ll definitely want to clean it. So if you shower in the morning, make sure it’s in your nighttime routine to apply some facial cleanser to your upper chest and wipe off gently with a washcloth, and do the same thing in the morning instead if you shower in the evening.

Invest in Neck and Chest Creams for Moisture
When it comes to your décolletage skin, you’ll want to use something more than the body cream you apply everywhere else. Remember, the skin there is similar to your face in that it’s thinner and more fragile. You might want to look into a specialized neck and/or chest cream to this end, or you can also adapt facial moisturizers, but you’ll want to apply fairly liberally, which can use up face creams pretty fast, so it would behoove you to get a supply of a separate cream especially for your décolletage skin.

Sunscreen: It’s Not Optional
I mean, you could go without. It is technically your choice, but what we’re saying here is that if you want flawless skin all over for as long as possible, you should try to adopt this simple mantra: sun protection is never, ever, ever optional. More specifically, anywhere skin is showing needs SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on it And yes, we do mean anywhere, so get your legs if you’re in shorts or skirts, and if there’s even a centimeter of skin showing on your ankles, rub in the sunscreen just to be sure.

Of course, we’re not talking about legs, we’re talking about the chest. If you’re sporting a plunging neckline, you might want to be extra safe and get an SPF 50+ sunscreen for your chest just to be safe. Further, if you’re wearing a see-through top with a camisole or undershirt underneath, you’re going to want to take the top off, and apply sunscreen as if all you’re wearing is the under layer, then put the top back on. If your eyes can penetrate the top, so can UV rays.

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