The OROGOLD Deep Peeling website has been designed to offer customers a better understanding of three of our best-selling products – the 24K Deep Peeling, 24K Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling and the 24K Multi Vitamin Peeling. This site contains everything you need to know about each product and also offers in-depth advice on how to best use these products, so as to get the best out of them. Using any deep peel in the right manner is essential, and this is where this site proves to be extremely useful. Apart from offering information about our deep peels, the site also keeps you in the loop with everything you need to know about peels and exfoliation.

OROGOLD Cosmetics was launched in the year 2008, and has managed to become one of the top-selling luxury cosmetic brands within a short span of time. Our exciting skin care solutions are sure to offer an indulgent route to better looking skin as well as an unparalleled skin care experience. Each of our products has been formulated using top-of-the-line ingredients such as gold, antioxidants, caviar extracts, botanicals, minerals and vitamins to give your skin the perfect combination of traditional beliefs and modern day technology. With more than 100 different products on offer, you are sure to find something that suits your exact requirements and your specific skin type.

The Use of Gold
Gold has been integral to the world of beauty and skin care throughout time. It was highly favored by ancient royalty, and was commonly used as a means of beautifying the skin. The most glorified example of the use of gold can be traced back to the great Egyptian civilization, and it is no secret that Queen Cleopatra attributed her exotic beauty to the use of gold in her skin care regimen. Over the years, advancements in science have made it possible to include this lustrous beauty into everyday products so that people all over the world can enjoy the luxurious feel that gold-based products are famous for.

OROGOLD Ingredients
OROGOLD Cosmetics started its journey after mastering the use of gold in each of our products, but we soon began to discover the benefits that many other ingredients had to offer to the skin. To offer our clients with the best possible solutions, we began to expand our ingredient base to add more and more luxury skin care ingredients into our fold, without compromising on the luster of pure gold. We found DMAE to offer fascinating results and decided to create an entire collection around the ingredient. We took a similar route with other popular and effective skin care ingredients, and that is why we now have different collections featuring different star ingredients such as vitamin C, caviar and collagen.

The Vision
The OROGOLD store culture and vision are integral to the brand. Our vision defines what we stand for as a company and our store culture and products are an essential part of that identity. OROGOLD believes in offering an indulgent, high-end experience to each customer to offer the very best experience and allow them to capture the true essence of pampering and skin care. Each of our collections helps to nurture specific types of skin, and every formulation has been designed using the best possible ingredient combinations. Pamper your skin with our gold-based products and enjoy a more youthful, flawless and radiant looking appearance.


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  1. 1

    Orogold Cosmetics is the best skincare line I have ever tried. I got their Thermal Mask and it changed my completion the very first time I used it! I would never use anything else after trying it…there is nothing better on the market!

  2. 7

    I have tried the deep peeling and it is by far the BEST product i’ve ever used in my life. I’ve tried so many products in the past for my skin and orogold seems to be the best company and it leaves my skin feeling renewed and fresh! I’ve already recommended this to all my friends!

  3. 8
    Teresa Miller

    I’ve heard so many great reviews about Orogold and their products. I can’t wait to try them out for myself and finally find a product that actually does what it claims to do! Time to banish all these fine wrinkles to the netherworld! And say thank you to Orogold!

  4. 11

    Orogold is the best, and I mean the BEST skincare product I have ever used. Being a stage performer, I have to feel comfortable in my skin in order to put in my best performance. After a month of using these products, there was no need to wear stage foundation because my skin was just that flawless!

  5. 14
    Selena Ruiz

    I love this product, I tried it as a sample and since then I have been in love with it. It works best with my skin also because I have eczema ,it doesn’t irritate my skin like other products that I have tried.

  6. 17
    Carolyn Massey

    I tried OROGOLD through a friend and it really improved my skin. I would love to try the peel as my skin is dry and I am older and have lines and wrinkles. I believe the peel would help with that. OROGOLD has a good name and been around for a long time and doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

  7. 19

    I got a free sample from OROgold a few days ago and the difference in my skin has been amazing, even after one application. as I apply the cream it feels like I really am putting on a cream of high quality. After my skin glows and feels revitalised for the whole day. No other cream mousturises better than OROgold

  8. 22
    Gloria Luongo

    I’ve been using MD Complete. But the reviews and videos of Orogold products are very interesting and I will be trying these products when I am done with MD complete.

  9. 23
    Jamie Johnson

    I have heard SO MANY good things about Orogold, and I have wanted to try them forever! But they’re a little out of my budget. I want to try this Orogold Deep Peeling product to bring life back to my dull, lackluster skin. I mean it has real GOLD in it! Does it get any better than that? Talk about the Midas touch, now I could have the Midas glow thanks to Orogold!

  10. 25
    Brenda King

    I love orogold products! They are high quality and really benefit my skin! I can’t wait to try the skin peel to help my fine lines and wrinkles. The collegen and exfoliant sounds like the perfect peel for the skin of an older person.

  11. 34

    I received a sample while in the mall and I love this product! Even though it was an anti aging and I am young, it worked wonders on my skin. It’s moisturizing and gives my skin a glow that nothing else can.

  12. 36

    i have never really tried this product. my mother got a sample little package and i put it on me thought it was good so far. would like to give it a full shot for my ratings cosmetic page.

  13. 37
    Paula Pinkos

    I tried orogold in Maui. I just had a small sample and in 3 days I noticed a huge difference all over my face it took years off my face. I love this product love love it!

  14. 39
    Lauren Stanford

    I absolutely love Orogold and all their products. It works tremendously. I was walking through the mall and was offered a sample from an Orogold employee and I’ve been in love with the product ever since.

  15. 43
    Carol Trautwein

    Having fine lines and winkles, I am always looking for products to help me as I age. Your peels are just what I am looking for towards a skin that glows and soft to the touch. I will be happy to tell my family and friends how my skin got that way.

  16. 50
    Vanessa Dewar

    I love the richness of the moisturizer. I received it as a sample at the mall and I loved it. I went to my friend’s house this weekend and she had some and I literally stole it. I have very dry skin and have tried all types of moisturizers but this one is Golden.

  17. 51
    Janessa Grandy

    I was hooked on the free samples I was given at the mall, and I went into the store and purchased my first Orogold product. I am in love with the deep peeling!

  18. 52
    Nora Grahe

    I have been doing research on skin products when I heard the world Orogold and I have been convinced every since that this was “must have” for me! I have read so much about it and love the fact that it is for all skin types, which makes perfect sense since the ingredients are all pure and natural. As stated, gold has been around for the ages and there are reasons why things stay and this is because they work. I am impressed at how fast Orogold has taken off but not surprised. The products are the most highly sought after ingredients ever and Orogold has them all together! Every woman who has experienced Orogold I have read, has reviewed that the product is nothing but highly recommended. That your skin feels and looks its best, too! I hope and my skin needs Orogold!

  19. 54

    This product is amazing! It’s moisturizing but not to the point where it leaves any excess moisturizer behind. It is also quick to absorb through the skin. Afterwards, it feels like your skin can breathe again. Very grejat product and it has become part of my daily skin care routine!

  20. 55
    Jennifer W.

    I have tried many peeling products but none of them has 24k gold. I wonder if it make a difference whether the peeling contains gold or not. It is just a peeling after all…

  21. 56

    I got orogold for my mum she’s 65 and she used it and she loved it,it made made look younger and wrinkles was almost not visible and people we’re telling her how great her face looked what’s your secret?

  22. 70

    I have to confess that I have never purchased this product. But I have used many of the free samples offered at the mall. Every time that I do- I forget about it until I look in the mirror a few hours later and notice that my skin is literally glowing. And then of course I remember that I used Orogold that day. I have no idea why, but my skin really responds to this product.

  23. 76

    I’m 43 and deep peeling is very actually for me. Thanks a lot for very useful information. OROGOLD Deep Peeling looks amazing. But I prefer to try a little sample before purchase.

  24. 77
    Carol Sloan

    I have just discovered this wonderful product line and now I want the effects on a permanent basis, as I experienced in my product demo! Super fantastic products! I like!

  25. 82
    Cynthia Knisely

    I someam very interested in your anti-aging skincare products with DMAE, vitamin C and collogen. I want products that have multiple uses. I want products that protect against free radicals and help to produce collagen. I am also interested in skincare products that help firm the skin around my eyes, face and neck.
    From your article it seems you have come a long way in a short period of time to address some of the skincare products I am looking for.

  26. 96

    I tried Orogold today for the first time, and I was very surprised by the good results from just the one facial peel and moisturizer. My face felt very smooth, clean, and pampered. I am eager to see what Orogold will do for my skin over the next few weeks!

  27. 100
    Jaclyn Michelle

    I have tried so many at home microdermabrasion-type peels, and have even had peels professionally done in both salons and at the dermatologist. Nothing that I have tried at home, including some very pricey Korean and Japanese products, have left my skin feeling as rejuvinated as the Orogold deep peeling peel.

  28. 101
    Mary Songer

    I’m currently using Orogold Deep Peeling and I absolutely love it. I’ve used many peels over the years. Everything from drugstore and department store to salon and even Doctor’s office products and I think this is the best one. It takes off the old, dead skin cells and leaves my face feeling fresh and soft. You only use a little so it lasts a long time. I don’t know if it is the higher quality ingredients or how they combine them that makes the difference but who cares? I only care that it works and that my skin is better than it has been and getting better all the time. Thanks Orogold for making great products.

  29. 105
    Jennifer H.

    I think that it’s great that it has ingredients such as gold, antioxidants, caviar extracts, botanicals, minerals and vitamins to give your skin the perfect combination!

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