Adding Ice To Your Beauty Routine

Adding Ice To Your Beauty Routine

We find things useful to beauty in the most unlikely places. Most of the chemical ingredients you’re used to seeing on various labels were actually once used as part of a plant or another thing for the same beauty effect, but we figured out what helped us. Isolating these effects is what makes modern skincare so effective. We can vary the potency of useful ingredients to ensure it works as expected. Just because we’ve gotten so practiced at isolating specific thing for the purpose of skincare doesn’t mean that something simply doesn’t still pop up occasionally. We generally don’t think about ice even as it goes into our glasses with a drink. That makes it little wonder that most people don’t know that it is potentially useful in beauty routines if you know how to use it right. It isn’t a miracle option, but it can expand your options in particular situations where you need all the help you can get to get your skin back under control.

Soothing Sunburn
This is one of those things that makes intuitive sense without actually proving to be a bad idea. Ice can be readily applied to sunburn to help it in several ways. The immediate cooling effect is obviously useful for taking the edge off of worse sunburn. However, notably, this helps moisturize skin at the same time that it is cooling it. Sunburned skin is typically somewhat dried out as a result of the burn and applying moisture directly helps to soothe it. This is why aloe is typically suggested to soothe the burn. Ice works in a pinch though and soothes the skin on contact. It should be noted that this is a relatively temporary solution compared to specialized creams meant to soothe the skin. The chill will fade after a little while and the moisture won’t have anything trap it readily. Ice can make a fairly useful initial treatment for sunburn, though.

Constricting Pores
The cold is actually surprisingly good at helping your skin appear and look smoother. This is because it actually works to constrict your pores and make them somewhat less apparent than they normally are. You need only apply the ice to your face for a little while to achieve this effect. You can get smoother, healthier looking skin for a small window after this. Remember that it is the cold that is constricting your pores. The skin will eventually warm up and your pores will begin to open up to their normal size again. Think of things like an ice pack as something to do before a particularly big occasion before you move on to makeup. It will provide you with a smooth, beautiful surface to work on that will take to anything else you want to do to it just a little better than it otherwise would.

Minimizing Irritation
Similar to how you can soothe sunburn, ice is actually just all around good at soothing irritation and inflammation. That’s why so many of us reach for a cold compress when we’ve hurt ourselves in some way. This works out pretty well for irritations that exist only in your skin as well. You can actually reduce the appearance of acne through careful use of ice. The cold can reduce the apparent size of prominent pimples by soothing the red, irritated areas and making them draw less attention to the actual acne. It also works to help reduce the appearance of a rash and similar topical reactions. The cold simply works to calm the overall irritation. In doing this, it reduces the skin’s overall response and therefore the overall appearance of the reaction. The rule for it not lasting forever does still apply, though. It works as a good stopgap and targeted measure, but you’ll still need to care for the irritation properly to ensure long lasting improvement.

Using ice in beauty may not be the most expected thing, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense in the situations we’ve highlighted. We all know cooling an area can help ease pain and reduce inflammation. If it works for muscles, why shouldn’t it work for your skin too? Don’t make the mistake of thinking the effects of permanent or will even last for that long, though. The temperature provides the effects in most of these cases and you can expect them to return to “normal” once the temperature begins to warm back up. It can provide a good boost that helps get your skin through until you can properly treat it, though.

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