Anti-aging Mistakes to Avoid

Anti-aging Mistakes to Avoid

Taking care of yourself is a difficult task. You can learn all the little tricks and start opting to do better with what you eat and drink, but still be making small mistakes. This is a very human thing as it hard to actually remember all that you should and shouldn’t do. Your body doesn’t help either by offering encouragement to take it easy and telling you to eat the sweet things that you know you shouldn’t. Those mistakes are easy to catch as you know about them. What about the ones that you don’t know or that are easy to make in a moment of forgetfulness? These can add up in some areas of self-care. This is especially true of anti-aging skin care. You need to remember particular rules to help minimize the chances of premature aging. Fortunately, we can remind you of some of the easiest mistakes to make so that you know what to watch for in your own behavior.

Forgetting Sunscreen
Admit it, you knew this one was coming. We all do it. Sunscreen is one of the absolute necessities of anti-aging skincare, but sometimes we just can’t be bothered. The feeling does sit well, there isn’t enough time, or “Oh, I won’t be out that long” can all play roles in this mistake. We have to be dedicated to proper skincare though. This means always applying sunscreen. You can at least help when it comes to your face by acquiring products that you routinely use with an SPF providing compound already in it. Moisturizers are particularly good choices for this as they’ll generally be one of the last skincare products that you apply to your face. You can also find makeups that offer SPF protection too. There really is no excuse if we’re serious about skincare these days. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you forget, but try not to let it happen too often.

Drying Out Your Skin
This can happen a variety of ways, but dry skin is particularly a concern as you age. Your skin naturally begins to lose moisture as it ages. This is due to a combination of factors that can’t really be stopped. You can work against it to prevent it from becoming an issue by monitoring your skin and increasing the quality and strength of your moisturizer. This is particularly an issue for people with aging skin in the winter when the air is already drying out your skin. You can end up drying out your skin through overuse of exfoliating and cleansing products. This is particularly true when utilizing hydroxy acid-based products. You might also be drying out your skin by indulging in alcohol a little too often. Remember one glass an evening is more than enough and the more you have over that routinely the more likely you are to be damaging your skin permanently. Similarly, enjoying caffeine a lot has also been associated with drier skin.

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You Do Need The Sleep
Pushing ourselves has become second nature in the modern era. This has some upsides and downsides to it. We get more done and tend to feel a bit more accomplished, but we often end up neglecting ourselves. One of the worst ways this happens is that we don’t get as much sleep as we need. The average adult needs somewhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day to be at their best. If you’re not getting this, then your body is paying for it. Your appearance, in particular, suffers from the lack of sleep by encouraging the formation of dark circles beneath your eyes and eye puffiness. It also reduces your body’s overall ability to care for itself and that adds up over time. We really do need to get a full night’s rest and some studies suggest getting in an hour in the afternoon is also good. Staying rested and refreshed can help maintain a youthful appearance.

These are relatively simple mistake that many of us never actually set out to make. That’s what makes them mistakes. We’ve all forgotten sunscreen, leaned on caffeine, and thought it wouldn’t be too bad if we didn’t get in that last hour of sleep. It is a very human thing to make these mistakes. The important part is to be aware of them and minimize how often they happen to you. This will help reduce the rate at which your skin ages and keep you looking happy and healthy.

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