Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Trying to decide the best way to care for your skin is a sometimes troublesome affair. Age and climate each bring considerations into the matter when you’re dealing with over-the-counter products. You need to figure out how to decide for yourself when is best to use what product. Things are a little different when you begin looking into chemical peels though. These come in two forms. One of them is an over-the-counter product that acts as a stronger than average chemical exfoliant. These are useful for anyone with problematic skin that is uncertain if they want to ask their dermatologist about a supervised chemical peel. A supervised chemical peel is for those who want to more immediate results and feel the skin condition they’re trying to deal with may be too resistant to “normal” solutions. OROGOLD is going to discuss both of these and things to consider when trying to decide if either kind of peel is right for you. This should give you a solid foundation to base your decision on.

Over-The-Counter Chemical Peels
As stated at the start, an over-the-counter peel is, in essence, the highest tier of chemical exfoliation that you can get without a doctor prescribing something. These generally utilize higher concentrations of hydroxy acids and other ingredients to dissolve away skin cells and natural oils on the face to provide a faster and highly effective way of cleaning the skin. Their potency also makes them useful for helping to reduce fine lines and acne scarring. Effectively removing the layer of dead skin around your epidermis helps soften these imperfections by reducing the amount of materials that help set off or highlight these problems. Many peels also include skin fortifying ingredients such as forms of vitamin C and E that support skin health by encouraging collagen and elastin production for youthful looking skin. These peels are typically applied every one or two weeks depending on the strength of the ingredients.

Supervised Peels
A supervised peel is overseen by a dermatologist or another skin care professional. These peels are sometimes referred to as “deep peels” as the potency of the compounds involved is enough that a knowledgeable professional is kept nearby to avoid any permanent damage to the skin. This may sound daunting, but OROGOLD would like to assure you that a deep peel is perfectly safe as long as a reputable professional is in charge of the procedure. Most deep peel compounds follow the same sort of pattern as over-the-counter peels, but you once again are stepping up the potency of the compound being applied to your face. One of the things a deep peel is particularly useful for is helping to deal with skin discolorations from sun damage or aging. The ingredients are powerful enough that they can have a noticeable skin lightening effect even after one deep peel. Most professionals offer peels of variable strength. We advise discussing your expectations with the supervising professional when making arrangements for a deep peel so that you can decide what best suits your needs.

Things to Consider
Peels are potentially powerful and highly useful skin care options. They do require you to be alert when using or selecting one though. Less reputable companies sometimes use supervised peel compounds and package them as over-the-counter peels. This can lead to permanent damage to the skin if you’re not careful. As a result, we firmly recommend researching any company offering a peeling product to be sure they have a reputation for quality. Similarly, always talk to a dermatologist, whether they are offering deep peels or not, before seeking a deep peel. They can direct you to reputable practitioners. Each kind of peel is good for dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and skin discolorations. We cannot recommend a supervised peel to people with sensitive skin, but careful selection of an over-the-counter peel is still an option. A deep peel will get more done in one session, but remember there is also potential for damage when using a procedure involving chemicals of high potency even when dealing with a reputable professional.

Utilizing a peel of any kind is a personal choice. The main thing you need to ask yourself before committing to using one is whether you’re feeling impatient with less potent products or if you’re not certain regular products are capable of helping with the issue you’re trying to treat. OROGOLD suggests that you temper any impatience and use standard products for a bit longer if that is the case. A peel can do wonders, but it is a powerful class of product that should be used responsibly. Using a peel appropriately though can help remove some of the toll of the years from your features and leave you feeling confident in your appearance again.

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