Are You Using The Right Eye Cream?

Are You Using The Right Eye Cream?

Trying to find the right products can be a hassle for anyone. Our skin types are varied even before you include combination skin into the equation. Most of us have run into this problem before in our quest to find the right products for our skin. That one product that just didn’t sit well on our skin and caused more issues than it was worth. Honestly, there’s almost no way to avoid this problem simply because it is hard to make a product that is perfect for every skin type. Most of the time this isn’t an issue for anyone who doesn’t have sensitive skin, but it can be an issue if the product is for use around a particular area: the eyes. The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive by comparison to the rest of your facial skin and requires special attention if you intend to use long wearing products like masks in the area.

The Problem With Dark Circles
A good example of this is trying to fight dark circles beneath the eyes. You can end up going through a lot of products in the quest for something to help. Dark circles are particularly pernicious as a problem because it isn’t so much a skin problem as it is the fact that light is catching the blood flow beneath your skin. It means that your skin is particularly thin there and that makes sense for the area. You can work against this though with particular products. A good option is a cream infused with caffeine or a similar substance that gives your skin a boost by causing the vessels to constrict some. It won’t decrease the blood flow, but you should notice an improvement in the dark circles in relatively short order. Care that increases collagen formation can also help you to fight dark circles as well.

Fighting Back Age
Age makes the area around the eyes particularly sensitive. The skin is already thin by comparison to the rest of the face and that makes it far more prone to beginning to wrinkle. Wrinkles are from areas where skin has folded frequently. Collagen, the primary structural protein in skin, is worn away by the folding. In essence, it is capable of taking only so much movement and folding before it needs to be replaced. Thin skin has less collagen. This is why we generally find fine lines around the eyes before anywhere else. Anti-aging creams include a variety of compounds meant to act against this. Retinoid creams help keep the skin taut while creams rich in vitamins C & E can provide the right nourishment to allow your skin to repair the collagen. It really depends on how high of a priority fighting the signs of aging are for you.

Wintery Conditions
Thin skin is also much more susceptible to all influences by comparison to the rest of the skin. Your products and the weather can play just as much of a role in how it is as your genetics. This can lead to problems during your travels or at particular times of the year when the air is particularly dry. Dry skin is a problem wherever it is, but it is more of a problem around the eyes. Skin damage will be more pronounced and healing from damage takes longer with dry skin. With that in mind, you might want to consider finding a hydrating cream. Using this as a mask at night can offer just the boost the skin needs to resist the rigors of dry air and keep your skin happy and healthy.

One of the great truths of skincare that we all eventually learn is that it is very much a custom experience. We can learn all the general care rules we want, but ultimately we have to find out how much of those rules apply to our skin and to what degree. Learning this allows us to tailor our approach to our skin and encourage our skin’s unique beauty. Testing out appropriate creams for an eye mask can go a long way towards helping maintain one of the more finicky areas of your face.

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