At Home Hair Removal

At Home Hair Removal

Hair can be beautiful when styled correctly, but there’s some hair that none of us want. It crops up in unwanted locations and sometimes it feel even a stray hair or two can stand out like a neon sign if we’re not careful. Many people resort to shaving for removing hair. It is quick, temporary, and everyone knows how to do it. While thoroughly approachable, it does have to be repeated fairly regularly to keep the results. This can be a pain as it can be easily annoying and feel like it takes up too much of your time regularly in some cases. Fortunately, you aren’t restricted to a single method of hair removal. There are various at home hair removal options outside of shaving that you can use to deal with unwanted hairs.

Pluck, Pluck, Clean
Tweezers are something anyone in beauty culture already knows about. Most of the time we’re familiar with using them to help shape or maintain brows. You can easily turn this around to plucking small clusters or single unwanted hairs that stand out in unwanted places. The trick is to pull as close to the skin as possible to hopefully damage the root as you pull the hair out. This works best while your skin is still warm and damp from a bath or shower. Similarly, an epilator makes an excellent way to thoroughly tame your legs if you spent the winter not shaving. These devices are, in essence, high speed mechanical tweezers. You do need to remember to shave your legs or any other area you intend to epilate four to five days beforehand so the hair are small and it is less painful to pluck them. You should also epilate at least a day ahead of schedule to let your skin have time to heal afterwards as it will be red for at least the day or evening after. Tweezing and epilating can result in hairs taking up to two to four weeks to return.

Sticky Situations
Sugaring and waxing are other options for at-home hair removal. These are potentially painful and dangerous options if you don’t do either of them correctly due to involving hot materials. Most of the time there are clear instructions or kits available that can help you avoid these costly mistakes. The two options are fairly similar in what they set out to do. Either the warmed sugar substance or wax if placed in strips on the offending areas of hair and is allowed to set. You then quickly remove them to tear the hairs out. Anyone who has had this professionally done already knows that it hurts to do this. The irritation is a bit less than you get from epilating though and doesn’t necessarily require as much preparation to do correctly. Results from sugaring and waxing do last a shorter amount of time than epilating through at around two to three weeks.

Leaping Lasers
Temporary at home options for hair removal are numerous, but permanent hair removal options are much less common. Home laser hair removal kits are becoming more popular though. These provide lower intensity lasers than professional treatments, but are also designed to be used repeatedly or for longer to generate the same results. These kits and tools are ultimately a bit hit or miss though. Skin variability and insufficient production regulation means there isn’t really a clear standard for at home laser kits. You should carefully look into any such product to find out if it actually lives up to its claims before deciding to try a home laser kit. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with any potential downsides of using such a product.

Removing hair in the luxury of your own home is relatively easy depending on how long you want it to last. For most of us, temporary solutions are the easiest and renewing them now and again isn’t too much of a hassle. Anyone in search of a more permanent solution can certainly try some of the more experimental products available, but the results may not be to your liking. You may want to stick to letting professionals do permanent hair removal procedures for the sake of your skin.

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