Balance Heat And Oil When Temperatures Flare

Balance Heat And Oil When Temperatures Flare

Summer is one of the two seasons where your skin requires a little bit of extra attention. This is thanks to the extreme represented by summer weather. The constant barrage of the sun feels nice and keeps one’s spirits up by comparison to winter, but at the same time, it brings a few important considerations forward. Sun exposure is one of the main problems that we all deal with during summer. The night never seems to come and it is much harder to avoid sun exposure given so many gatherings tend to take advantage of summer and end up being held outside to enjoy the weather. We can counteract the immediate problems presented by sun exposure by remembering to apply sunscreen and wear treated clothing to protect our skin. The heat from all the sunlight is another matter entirely and we ultimately need to work against the effects of the heat as much as anything else to ensure our skin’s health.

Heating Up
Summer heat has a couple of distinct issues that we need to be aware of in summer. The most obvious of these is the simple fact that the heat tends to make us sweat more than usual. Sweat helps to keep us cool, but can also end up causing issues if we’re not careful. The sweat picks up debris from the surface of our skin such as dead skin cells, dirt, and generalized grime. These can be swept into a pore relatively quickly and end up causing clogs that lead to breakouts. That’s why we struggle so much more with them during summer if we’re not careful. Another potential issue is that skin can end up being dried out during the summer. Sun exposure plays a big role here, but other circumstances such as excessive showering and baths can also play a role here. This creates another problem that can contribute to excess breakouts and other skin issues during summer: excess oil production.

Heat and Oil
The heat itself doesn’t directly cause more oil, but it instead leads to a situation where our skin begins to dry out. Human skin has a number of systems that help it constantly regulate itself to maintain its health. Skin that ends up being too dry sends a signal that lets the skin know that it needs to do something or it is in danger of harm. The skin then begins to secrete more natural oils to counteract the dryness and keep the skin pliable and healthy. Excess oil production is a problem any time that it happens, but the chances for issues are particularly strong in summer thanks to the increase in sweating. This increase in oil production is a good thing from the perspective of your skin as it helps to moisturize your skin some as well as forming a light barrier against the sun. The unfortunate fact is that circumstances don’t conspire to make it that helpful though. As a result, we all need to learn to balance between enjoying summer days and making the decisions that will maintain our skin’s overall health.

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Finding Balance
Almost all of us enjoy taking advantage of the nicer weather in summer to enjoy a little time outside. Even if we don’t, there’s no escaping dealing with the heat sometimes. Striking the balance between the heat and potential skin issues can be difficult as a result. One key to doing it is remembering to properly protect your skin from sun exposure at all times though. Sunscreen and treated clothing, as highlighted earlier, will help protect the skin from UV rays. This will reduce how quickly your skin can end up drying out. Additionally, remembering to spend time inside at gatherings where both inside and outside options exist is a good idea too. This will give you time to cool off a little and reduce your skin drying out as well as how much you’re sweating. Lastly, you’ll want to remember to regularly moisturize your skin. This will further cut down the chances of your skin drying out and beginning to produce excess oil.

The complex systems of your skin have done a lot to care for it even before we were introduced to skincare when we were younger. These systems have the right idea a lot of the time, but sometimes they can end up causing a less than ideal situation. Learning to counteract this and balance out what we want with what we need to do is ultimately what lets us keep our skin healthy throughout our lives.

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