Beauty Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Beauty Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Weddings, ultimately, are about families. They join together two of them to create an all new one that begins to set out into the world to figure out what to do with themselves. Naturally, the day is about the couple at the heart of it all, but most of the time those of us in the immediate families on either side want to look our best too. We are, after all, setting a good impression for the family of our partner’s child. Being the mother of the bride in particular comes with it a number of expectations. People expect us to shine, but not shine too much. We need to clearly be a figure of gentle authority while still being ourselves. On top of it all, we’re expected to look even better than we would at any other point in recent memory. It is a frustrating affair where there often feels like there is no way to win when we’ve got to help our daughters through the day too. Fortunately, we’ve got a bit of beauty advice to help keep you focused on what you can do without taking up too much time.

Start Early
The biggest favor you can do yourself is to start with your skincare early. We don’t mean waking up early and getting everything done though. What we mean is giving your skin focused care in the months leading up to the wedding. Focus on anti-aging products as well as specialized facials that can help improve your skin over time. Microdermabrasions and other cosmetic procedures are also something to potentially consider. Your goal is to get your skin into as naturally beautiful a state as you can manage before the wedding arrives. This is easy enough to achieve when you give yourself sufficient time. Creating a beautiful natural baseline to work off of will help you on the day of the wedding as you’ll be able to rely a simple, natural look that supports your beauty without doing anything extravagant. In turn, you can expect the bride to shine even while you look wonderful as well.

Makeup and Up
Makeup up, understandably, tends to play a big role in getting ready for any position at a wedding. It feels a bit more pressing as the mother of the bride. You want to focus on a more natural “no makeup” look that emphasizes the natural beauty that you’ll have spent so much time working on beforehand. Lighter makeup that provides a subtle boost that is both quicker to apply and ensures that you look like yourself. That is perhaps one of the biggest keys to appropriate makeup as the mother of the bridge: be yourself. Yes, you want to look your best, but trying to be someone other than yourself will make it seem like it isn’t you when you and your daughter look at photos of the day later. Find a look that feels like you and work with that. Consider asking a professional to help you find a look. If you prefer to do it yourself, we encourage you to try several looks until you find one that looks right. Practice it until the day of the wedding to ensure you’ll get it right as quickly as possible and can move on to whatever else needs your attention that day.

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Coordinate Properly
There are certain types of emphasis that you can use in makeup to bring out your features. Think about what you will need to do to coordinate both your makeup and your outfit that day. Remember to think in terms of warm and cool colors. You can wear an appropriate outfit that will work with your makeup to help emphasize your features in a positive way. Appropriately coordinately things will help you look both overall healthier and even more stylish. We recommend discussing your options with your daughter while you’re still planning everything. This will help ensure that everything works with an overall theme if one exists for the wedding. It is an investment of time, but it provides a more enjoyable thing to do in months leading up to the wedding that will help break up the endless details that need to be sorted through. Once again, we do suggest speaking with a professional if you don’t feel confident in your own knowledge, but don’t hesitate to find your own favorite outfit for the occasion.

A little advice goes a long way towards helping us all focus on the individual aspects of any situation. This turns a monolithic threat into a smaller pile of little tasks that need to be done to achieve a larger end. That makes everything a little more bearable overall. This advice for the mother of the bride isn’t all potential advice, but it will hopefully give you a place to start from when trying to figure just what you’re going to do to look good on the day of the wedding without overshadowing the bride.

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