Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

A massage may be a good way to relax, but which once? Full body, Swedish, Ayurvedic, or something else? The continually evolving nature of beauty and health culture means people look for novel ways to improve their health constantly. If everyone is honest, there are clear benefits to different kinds of massages as some are better suited for particular purposes. A few are largely good for the simple therapy of professionally caring hands performing rhythmic motions on the body. Others actually provide deeper benefits that can reach the muscles and improve flexibility. A lymphatic massage is something else entirely, but the movements necessary may be a little relaxing. These massages aim to benefit the lymph nodes in the body by encouraging proper distribution of the fluids within. There are mixed results for some claims, but there are some benefits that are fair to mention.

Immune System
When the lymphatic system begins to get blocked up due to improper fluid movement, your health can and will directly suffer. Most of us have been to the doctor and had them lightly massage our throats looking for something when we’re there over an illness. They’re actually looking for swollen lymph nodes to get an idea of what a disease might or might not be. Blocked up lymph nodes contribute to a variety of physical issues on their own, but the most prevalent is they can diminish the effectiveness of the immune system. This is because they are your body’s storage for and source of many classes of immune system cells. A lymphatic massage utilizes light massage movements to help deal with swollen or otherwise inflamed lymph nodes to encourage the fluid to become better distributed through the body. This is turn has the effect of potentially restoring a slightly degraded immune response, but results are mixed on exactly how much functionality can be restored in this way.

A lymphatic massage is actually the most useful when ti comes to the treatment of swelling. Blocked lymph nodes cause swelling around the node itself. This can frequently happen around the ankles in aging people or around the armpits depending upon the individual. Lymphedema is the clinical name for this kind of swelling. Treatment of the condition revolves around helping swollen and blocked areas drain to minimize the overall swelling. It is little wonder that the massage has found use in some cases for comparatively benign cases of the condition. Some people have credited it with being able to help with swelling outside of this condition though. There are a handful of studies that suggest a lymphatic massage can help with the swelling around fractured limbs as well and thereby decrease the overall pressure on the wound.

Should I Get One?
The short answer is no. Lymphatic massages are used to treat specific medical conditions like lymphedema. There may be a connection to getting one and a slightly boosted immune system, but most professionals don’t regard it is potent or substantiated enough for it to be encouraged as a routine practice. Additionally, the person providing the massage needs to be a properly trained professional to avoid actually doing any potential harm to a lymph node. Harm and damage to lymph nodes is what causes lymphedema for most sufferers. This leads to almost every reputable professional cautioning against getting a lymphatic massage without a doctor specifically telling you to seek it out as a treatment. Seeking out a lymphatic massage for any other reason than that is likely to be in line with an unsubstantiated health trend. Remember to discuss any intentions of novel treatments like this with your doctor before undergoing them.

It is hard to keep track of all the trends in health and beauty. They come and go constantly as someone proclaims one thing or another the new “best” health and beauty option in the world. A lymphatic massage isn’t something anyone should seek out just because a health guru told them to though. It has specialized medical use and outside of that hasn’t demonstrated much efficacy as a treatment. If you’re sincere about taking good care of yourself, always stick to true and reputable treatments instead of fads.

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