Best Exfoliants for Each Skin Type

Best Exfoliants for Each Skin Type

Exfoliating is an important step in skin care. It helps clear away debris from your skin to improve natural color, helps boost circulation, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. A lot of us grab for any exfoliator when we’re just starting out and that leads to plenty of mistakes. It takes time, but growing in skin care knowledge eventually helps everyone make sense of why those early steps were a bit rough on our skin. OROGOLD would prefer to help you avoid having to make such mistakes again when your skin’s needs start changing. There’s no getting away from this gradual shift, but you can stay aware and prepared for it with the right knowledge. We’ve assembled a quick guide to the best exfoliants for each major skin type to help you and others know where to start when your skin takes a turn for the unexpected.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is often somewhat sensitized due to difficulties in keeping it appropriately moisturized. This makes selecting the right exfoliant particularly important for those with dry skin. You need to focus on avoiding most chemical exfoliants as hydroxy acids tend to dry out the skin by neutralizing the natural oils that your skin produces. The dryness means that you skin can’t tolerate particularly rough scrubs either. As a result, you should focus on looking for moisturizing exfoliants. These tend to be light lotions or creams that utilize fine-grained materials to provide their exfoliating action. Enzyme-based exfoliants also exist that pair well with moisturizing ingredients. The key is to remember to treat your skin gingerly to make the most of exfoliating it.

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Oily Skin
Controlling oily skin is one of its biggest problems and that bleeds over into various aspects of its care. Exfoliating is included in this problem. You need to find a product that helps neutralize the oil, but if you dry it out too much then oily skin begins producing more oil. Ideally, you should focus on finding something that helps gingerly regulate the oil production in your skin without drying it out with a potentially harsh product. OROGOLD would like to highlight that oily skin, contrary to popular belief, can benefit from a physical exfoliant. Avoiding the conventional wisdom to use a chemical exfoliant can pay off if your skin is particularly temperamental. The main thing to remember is to stick to medium-to-fine grained products when using such a product on oily skin. There are natural products utilizing coconuts, jojoba beads, and other possible ingredients that offer the level of exfoliation you’re looking for without the harshness of microbeads.

Combination and Normal
These skin types are at once the easiest and most frustrating to pick exfoliants for due to their flexibility. Normal skin will tolerate a lot, but specialty products can end up impacting them negatively. Combination skin, by contrast, can need some of the potency of specialty products, but not the full extent. People with these skin types often spend the most time trying to find one that work reliably most of the time. You’re more likely to be able to pick up a random exfoliating product and use it though. Those with combination skin should try favoring products designed for the problematic part of their skin, but stick to less potent forms to find a product that works without hurting your skin. Anyone with normal skin should try a basic exfoliating product without any specialization involved. This should give you a baseline to figure out where to experiment from.

Picking the single best exfoliants is a nigh impossible task thanks to the wide variety used in the skin care industry. These general rules will guide you for how to look for one that is suitable to your skin though. OROGOLD recommends testing these products carefully due to how much of an impact exfoliating has on your skin. Try new products on small, unobtrusive patches of skin and watch your skin’s reaction before moving to fully use the product. This will keep you aware of what to expect from your skin and ensure you keep it as happy and healthy as possible.

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