Best Exfoliants to Use in the Morning versus Evening

Best Exfoliants to Use in the Morning versus Evening

People spend a lot of time arguing over whether you should be exfoliating at morning or at night. The arguments generally vary depending on who you’re asking. Some argue that you should exfoliate in the morning because that skin’s natural renewal means that exfoliating then ensures your skin is brighter throughout the day and that products can stick to your skin better. Proponents of night-time exfoliation believe it is best to exfoliate them as it helps remove the products you used during the day to help leave your skin clean and healthy overnight. Most of them don’t seem to bother to ask if they’re both right to a degree and product choice is what should determine when to exfoliate. With that in mind, OROGOLD has a quick primer on the best times of day to use particular classes of exfoliant.

Physical Exfoliants
As a general rule, most physical exfoliants that you should be using should be fine-grained sugar scrubs or similar products that are gentle on the skin. These use rough materials to wear away the dead skin layers without the harshness of chemical exfoliants. We particularly like these classes as they can often be paired with moisturizing or skin fortifying ingredients easily. It makes for an easy way to provide the healthy shine that morning exfoliators so adore. Fortunately, these are the best products to use in the morning because of this. The physical abrasion does, in fact, help provide a surface to which products can easily stick. We recommend avoiding any of these paired with a chemical exfoliant though as that can be far too rough on the skin.

Chemical Exfoliants
These exfoliants are the natural friends to people with oily or acne prone skin. They include various dedicated acne fighters as well as products that help the skin recover from the signs of past acne. The problem with chemical exfoliants is that even alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic and citric acid can be a bit harsh on the skin. They can cause redness and irritation with excessive use and always dry the skin out a little simply due to how they work. A further downside is that they frequently leave the skin sensitized to the sun for a little while. Chemical exfoliants are very thorough and good for the mentioned skin types though. OROGOLD believe the best time to use them is frequently at night. Most of us tend to use harsher products at night anyway like retinol products around our eyes. We follow them up with moisturizers to protect the skin. This gives the skin the night to moisturize itself and recover from the harshness of the chemical exfoliant.

The Caveat
These rules are speaking in generalities. There are countless varieties of exfoliant on the market and more being brought in every day. Natural scrubs and enzyme exfoliants often follow their own rules depending on how they’ve been formulated to act. Similarly, both physical and chemical exfoliants have products that are not subject to the general rules we’ve highlighted. It doesn’t mean our guidelines are wrong, but instead that it is impossible to account for everything. We do recommend you stick to using hydroxy acids in the evening though. This does include most over-the-counter peeling products as well. Using night as the time for your skin to recover will particularly benefit you if you prefer using occasional peeling products instead of regular exfoliation.

The argument between morning and nighttime exfoliation is mainly a matter of product choice. Both sides have perfectly valid points that should be respected, but that doesn’t make the other side’s points invalid. OROGOLD encourages you to utilize these general rules when deciding when you’re going to exfoliate. The difference may be slight in some cases, but it will help you take better care of your skin in the long run.

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