Best Ingredients for Body Scrubs

Best Ingredients for Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are lovely things. They offer us ways to exfoliate all of our skin and keep it healthy with a natural glow. Not everyone uses these scrubs frequently enough to derive benefits from them though. It is often a case of not knowing what are the best ingredients to use as opinions vary depending on who you ask. Using only the best options is a key part of the OROGOLD lifestyle. It helps ensure that your skin is a healthy as it can be by comparison to simply picking something off the shelf and seeing what works. The conflicting ideas on what makes for the best option may be confusing, but we’re going to take the time to look at some conflicts that currently exist and provide a clearer understanding of them. This should help you figure out which products your skin will benefit from the most.

Microbeads vs. Natural Exfoliants
There’s a growing shift in the skin care industry surrounding what is the best kind of exfoliant to put in scrubs. Microbead bans are popping up around the world due to it becoming apparent that these once popular ingredients are having a negative impact on the environment. Additionally, the growing interest in the use of natural fibers and shells is deprecating them as an ingredient anyway. The truth in this particular division is that microbeads are gentler than some natural exfoliants, but their environmental impact and the fact that you can find fine-grained natural exfoliants makes microbeads one of the less optimal choices for any scrub at this point. This is especially true when it comes to body scrubs for most skin types because the body generally requires a rougher scrub than the face. You run into another problem when it comes from selecting between a could of the most popular natural exfoliants though.

Sugar and salt scrubs.

Salt vs. Sugar
Salt and sugar crystals are used very commonly in body scrubs due to their naturally occurring rough shapes. These make them optimal for buffing away the layers of dead skin that build up. They wear down roughly as well and remain useful until dissolved. In many ways, they’re quite similar, but there is a subtle variation. Sugar crystals have a more rounded form when examined at a small scale and this makes them easier on the skin. As a result, many skin types should favor sugar scrubs because it offers a way to be rough, but not too rough to the skin and to thereby avoid damaging the skin from over-exfoliation. There is a caveat to this though. Particular rough skin still benefits heavily from using salt scrubs and oily skin benefits even more. The natural properties of salt lend a level of oil control that some OROGOLD enthusiasts may prefer compared to sugar. This will vary depending on your skin type and sensitivity though.

Hyaluronic Acid vs. Natural Oils
Many scrubs incorporate moisturizing or fortifying ingredients into their overall mixture. These can take a number of forms, but there are a handful of popular moisturizing options. Hyaluronic acid is a particularly potent moisturizing ingredients that mixes well with many ingredients. The moisturizing component helps offset the roughness of the scrub itself to keep the skin healthier. Natural oils are growing as popular ingredients though. These often offer both high-quality moisturizing as well as skin fortifying ingredients that make the most of your cleaner skin to get into it and support its overall health. Both options are good for your skin, but you’ll need to decide what you want out of the scrub to make this choice. If you’re ensuring you are fortifying your body’s skin through another product, then you can probably stick with hyaluronic acid. You may want to consider a more naturally oriented scrub if you’re not though as all your skin deserves pampering.

Looking to learn more? Try taking a course in cosmetology to learn more about how to treat skin, this knowledge is invaluable.

The best ingredients in anything are always up for debate. Different circumstances necessarily demand different ingredients. Skin care is no different. The ingredients we’ve discussed are mostly all good for your skin, but you’ll want to use what we’ve highlighted to guide your choices based on what you know of your own skin. Selecting a proper body scrub will ensure you are truly living the OROGOLD lifestyle by ensuring both your face and your body feel smooth and looking healthy.

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