Caring for Dry Under-Eye Area

Caring for Dry Under-Eye Area

All of us try to do our best to care for our skin, but problems eventually come up. It is simply the nature of things and nothing that needs to cause shame. This is especially true when it comes to the skin around your eyes. The area is highly sensitive to the environment and products. One change can be all it takes to make the skin start exhibiting signs of a problem. With this in mind, OROGOLD decided to put together tips on how you can deal with dry skin under your eyes. This should give you a clear picture of potential causes for the problem as well as ways to correct the issue without causing additional issues on top of it. We’ve deliberately stuck with easy, universal tips that should be usable by anyone no matter what skin type they possess. If you follow these tips, it shouldn’t take long until the skin under your eyes starts to heal.

Be Gentle and Thorough When Cleaning
One common rule of skin care is that you need to be mindful of the temperature of the water you wash your face with as excessively hot water dries the skin. This goes double for the area around your eyes. Warm water is okay, but you should consider lowering the temperature some if you start experiencing dry skin under your eyes. The sensitivity of the skin isn’t your friend in this case. Additionally, we recommend double-checking every night that you’ve removed all products from your face. Everyone gets in a hurry sometimes and we forget to wipe a product off. If this has become a habitual problem, then it can easily be a contributing factor to dry skin. Consider these two tips your first steps when it comes to trying to deal with the problem. They’re simple and cover two very easy steps you can inject into a routine.

Examine Your Product Choices
On a similar note, many of us favor using makeup removers to help ensure we’re thorough in cleaning products from our face at night. OROGOLD would like to encourage this practice as it helps avoid accidents like we just discussed. This encouragement does come with a caveat though: check the product ingredients. Makeup removers come in many forms and some of them include alcohol-based mixtures or others that dry out the skin. You’ll want to find removers that avoid such mixtures. Those of us with normal skin are less used to the troubles people with various problem skins encounter, but it is often best to view the area around your eyes as permanently sensitive skin. This means drying products can have double the effect that might have on other areas. Discontinuing use of such removers can potentially solve localized dry skin issues.

Woman applying an eye cream.

Moisturize Routinely
Just like the rest of your skin, the area under your eyes benefits from being routinely moisturized. This is especially true when using other products on the area. You don’t need much to take care of the area though. There is a decent chance that you can find a product that combines makeup removal with moisturizing properties. We recommend this as an option as it increases the gentleness of removing products from your skin in addition to providing a healthy moisturizing option for the area. Conventional moisturizers work just as well providing you’re careful in their application. Using your weakest finger, you should gently massage the moisturizing product into the area with upwards strokes. This will help reduce the pressure and stretching put on the area while still allowing you to be thorough with your chosen moisturizer.

Trying to clear up dry under eye skin isn’t something that will take hours upon hours of specialized treatments. More often than not, it is simply a matter of examining your habits and favored products. Remember that your skin changes throughout your lifetime. You have to find new products occasionally as a result. OROGOLD hopes this quick primer gives you a clearer picture of things to try rather than reaching for miracle cures. Sometimes all you’ll really need to do is turn the hot water down a little.

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