Caring for the Skin Beneath That Beard

Caring for the Skin Beneath That Beard

Beards are increasingly popular these days. It is an interesting counterpoint given only a few years ago they were viewed as making men untrustworthy looking. Fortunately for style, we’ve gotten over that as a culture and are in the middle of a return to form where men are encouraged to make the most of their facial hair if they so desire. Styling and trimming the beard tends to be the chief focus in many circles. It makes sense due to good grooming being key to making the look work for anyone, but there are often unfortunate areas of neglect too. Men do need to make sure the beard hairs themselves while remembering to take proper care of the skin that is beneath the beard. Failing to properly care for the skin leads to issues with the hairs as they grow and can lead to painful skin conditions that become hard to treat thanks to the hairs in the way. You’ll be happy to know that the steps for properly caring for the skin beneath your beards isn’t hard, guys, but you’ll want to make them a routine.

Wash It
Yes, you need to wash your beard regularly. Hair catches oil and debris and can end up keeping them close to the skin. This isn’t good for skin health for anyone. Fortunately, it really isn’t that hard to keep your beard clean. You literally just need to shampoo it with a gentle shampoo without any ingredients that might dry out your skin. It will help strip oils and clear out dead skin cells and other debris just like it does with your scalp hair. You can even use the same shampoo in most cases. Many people recommend conditioning the beard as well. This will help restore a healthy sheen and moisture to the hairs after the shampooing to help keep your beard hairs healthy rather than brittle. The main requirement is simply remembering to do this a few times a week and likewise remembering to thoroughly dry your beard after getting out of the shower. There are specialized products that can help you keep your beard washed as well, but using them is up to your personal discretion.

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Exfoliate The Skin
Seriously, exfoliate your skin. That includes the skin beneath the beard too. You’re going to need a fairly strong exfoliating product to get the job done properly though. The skin beneath your beard is likely to have far more oil trapped next to it than the rest of your skin and have a likewise larger amount of dead skin cells trapped next to it. This means looking into a good quality exfoliating product that includes an ingredient like salicylic acid or similar. You want active ingredients capable of getting past your beard and doing their job effectively. Be mindful of your skin when you’re doing this though. If it starts to feel tight or itchy, try using a slightly less potent product and remembering to moisturize the skin after you’ve finished exfoliating. This will help you to minimize any problems you encounter and help avoid acne beneath your beard and the pain associated with that.

Trim Your Beard
All good grooming habits help to serve the the health of the skin beneath your beard. Most experts recommend trimming longer beards every couple of months to keep them healthy. This serves the purpose of eliminating split ends while also helping the skin beneath your beard. Trimming your beard helps to keep it tidier and easier to get products through for direct care of the skin beneath it. Longer beards aren’t recommended if you’re truly dedicated to keeping your skin healthy though. They’re much hard to get products through and often end up having more issues that shorter beards. This later class of beards should be trimmed every few weeks to helps keep the hairs the appropriate length. This good grooming pays off in the long run by helping you look your best at the same time that it is providing for better health for the skin below.

Caring for the skin beneath a beard and the beard itself are deeply intertwined. You need to clear away the potential problems from the beard just like you would with the hair on your scalp. The main difference is how touch beard hair often is by comparison. Being mindful of this difference is the only extra guidance most people will need to ensure they keep the breakouts beneath their beards to a minimum.

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