Caviar Facials and Skin Treatment

Caviar Facials and Skin Treatment

The goal of skin care is to find the best ways to take care of the skin to promote health and longevity. With this in mind, the industry itself tries to find the best ingredients to just such ends. It can be a somewhat laborious process as all the different facets of ingredients have to be weighed and checked before they enter mass usage. Trial product types are common that help catch people’s eyes and direct them to the benefits. One of the more alluring ingredients advertised for facials and other products is caviar. It seems rather strange on the face of it. Fish eggs certainly don’t seem like they could be a potential source for anything other than a novel snack. The truth is they may be able to play a larger role in skin care than you might expect.

To Be Clear…
Caviar facials and similar treatments typically do not entail directly applying caviar to the face. Roe, or fish eggs, cannot penetrate your skin and the useful components in caviar are generally bound up inside the eggs and in their membranes. Some spas or other professionals might advertise applying caviar directly to your face, but this is little more than a waste of good caviar. Most of the time these products and services are referring to caviar extract. This is a somewhat loose term in certain parts of the industry that makes it hard to establish an exact “for sure” quality control as it is often used to refer to any fish roe extract rather than specifically sturgeons as caviar entails. Different fish roe necessarily has different nutrient availability and this can affect outcomes.

Facials and Other Treatments
In many cases, spas advertising a caviar facial will use the familiar format of a European facial for most of the treatment. Light massaging and cleansing of the skin generally figure heavily into such treatments. The difference will be when they reach the products they use on your face. Depending on the spa, they might use extract directly on your skin or as part of a larger mixture. This is another factor that contributes to making it hard to judge how effective caviar extract actually is. Like serums or other fortifying products, the product with the extract in it will be spread across your skin and massaged in for the most benefits possible. You should try to remember that there is more hype surrounding this style of facial than evidence. Your skin can benefit from many nutrients in caviar, but not all of them can actually penetrate your skin. This means no one should skip on trying to eat a balanced diet and expect a special ingredient to make up for the lack of nutrients reaching their skin.

What To Expect
While clear evidence for caviar extract is hard to come by, there is evidence that it can do some things. The extract tends to be full of omega fatty acids and a number of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that we know have forms that can penetrate the skin to one degree or another. The results aren’t overly dramatic though. Think of caviar extract as another ingredient that is a combination product that helps to nourish the skin and promote your skin’s natural regeneration. Proper application through a facial can help it return a youthful shine to your skin as well as helping to firm the skin. Some evidence exists for wrinkle reduction as well. The relatively threadbare nature of the evidence does mean that you might want to stick to utilizing products know to work that are heavy in ingredients like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Caviar extract is an interest beauty ingredient. There’s just enough evidence to suggest it may be useful to the skin when prepared and used properly, but at the moment, it is often a novelty ingredient at spas. Larger companies are devoting time to learning to appropriately use the ingredient though and you’ll probably find better results in such professional preparations. You should certainly feel free to try products utilizing caviar extract. You will likely see some improvement, but the results will seldom be dramatic without the extract being paired properly with other ingredients.

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