Change Your Skin Care Routine

Change Your Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin properly involves constantly paying attention to the things your skin is telling you. That extra redness from a product is a cue that maybe your skin doesn’t tolerate an ingredient as well as others. Similarly, you might find a lingering sting from an older product you’re used to using as your skin changes over the course of your life. We have to adapt routines to make sure that skin remains happy and healthy. It needs to be more frequently than checking if our skin is still happy once a year. You should actually be considering ways to change up your skincare whenever seasons start changing. The shift in weather can actually have an impact on your skin if you’re not careful. Product types might not change, but you’ll need to vary the strength of your products to ensure the best results. Sadly, there are few constants.

Though there’s always at least one constant in beauty. Sunscreen is that reassuring friend you see who turns up in new and unfamiliar situations to let you know that there is always something familiar. Your skin can be damaged by the sun at all times of the year and as a result, you need to ensure that you apply sunscreen regularly to provide your skin with the best protection possible. You will want to be particularly attentive to reapplying sunscreen every two hours or so in the summer though. Broad spectrum protection is a must to get out of your sunscreen. This means it protects you from UVA and UVB rays when you’re out in the sun instead of just one class of UV rays. Additionally, you need to be aware of the fact that SPFs below 30 aren’t really worth your time. Start at 30 and go up to maximize your protection. Additionally, consider finding a sunscreen that primarily uses a physical blocker like zinc oxide.

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Moisturize All Year
Properly moisturizing your skin is a floating target most of the year as it shifts quite frequently. The way to organize the shifts in your routine is to pay attention to what major season, summer or winter, you’re leaving and which one you’re approaching. This will tell you what your major concerns are in the future so you know what to prepare for to protect your skin. For instance, summer is a time of higher humidity and oilier skin. That means you need to focus on utilizing a lighter moisturizer as you don’t want to layer on moisture barriers to the point that it causes breakouts. As summer gives way to fall, you want to pay close attention to your skin and remember to moisturize the sensitive areas of your face, like your lips, more. Winter is when you may wish to consider swapping to a heavier moisturizer to protect your skin against the dry air. Creams are particularly good in winter. Spring will mean slowly lightening your routine and remembering to start applying sunscreen a bit more as you go outside more.

A Quick Aside
One thing to keep in mind about changing your skincare routine each season is to figure out if you need to or not. Everyone’s skin has a varying level of sensitivity to the environment. Many of us have skin that weather can influence, but not everyone does. Some people can actually get away with more or less the same routine all year around. For such people, changing your routine may actually do your skin more harm than good. People with sensitive or dry skin are the ones that most need to pay attention to the shifting weather of the seasons. Their skin types are most likely to pick up on the cues. The key is simply to watch your skin. Look for changes in color, sensitivity to touch, and other cues that your skin is inflamed or otherwise uncomfortable with your current routine. Change your routine as needed to prevent such symptoms.

Changing your skincare routine every season might not actually be necessary for some people, but it won’t hurt many of us. You simply need to be aware of your own skin’s behaviors to ensure changing your routine is a good idea. It takes effort to remember to do this instead of following a set routine. That effort will repay you with healthier skin if you do need to make adjustments each season. After all, no one said beauty was easy.

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