Cleaning Up Your Skincare Stash

Cleaning Up Your Skincare Stash

It can be easy to accumulate quite a bit of clutter when it comes to cosmetics, making it important to have regular clear outs. From identifying the essential products that deserve a front row seat on your shelf to tossing out those that are expired or are likely to have acquired bacteria, this guide is all you need by your side when cleaning up your skincare stash.

Gather Everything Together
The first step when it comes to organizing, whether this may be your wardrobe or your skin care stash, is to gather everything together in one place. This enables you to actually see all of the different items that you have accumulated since your last clear out, and make it much easier to identify those that you do, and do not, need.

Moisturizers and Lotions
Moisturizers and lotions are items that can be used throughout the day, so if you realize that you have an excess number of these, there is a simple solution. Simply place a moisturizer at different points around your house, from your bedroom to your bathroom to your kitchen, and this will help to encourage you to keep your skin well-moisturized throughout the day, while keeping your main skin care collection free of clutter.

Specialist Anti-Aging Products and Night Creams
Having a separate day and night cream will do wonders for your skin, as each one has specific ingredients designed to support the different functions occurring within your skin at those times. For those who have accumulated a number of different night creams and anti-aging products, identify the ones that are most effective, and then put the rest towards the back of your shelf.

Travel-Sized Products
If you are somebody that seems to end up with several different sample-sized and travel-sized products, these do not need to be stored with your main skin care stash. Find a small toiletries bag that you can store these in, so that they are all in one place and easy to choose from when it actually comes time to travel.

What to Throw Out
While it is recommended that cosmetics are replaced, at most, once a year, there are many that need to be replaced much sooner, and you should check the label of each product for more information, whether this may be an actual expiry date, or a note of how many months the product will last for after it has been opened. This is also a good opportunity to throw out any products that you may have left opened for a while, whether they have dried up or not, as they most likely also contain high amounts of bacteria now, and this will not do your skin any good at all. When throwing products out, be sure to make a list of any that you need to replace, so that you are not stuck without it at a time of need.

While your moisturizer and night cream are two essential products for any skin care routine, you most likely also have several others that you use, so be sure to identify your favorites before putting the rest away. Keeping your skincare stash well-organized will make it much easier to carry out your skin care routine everyday, and will free up some unnecessary clutter in your life.

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