Cleansing Surface Bacteria From Skin

Cleansing Surface Bacteria From Skin

Bacteria are everywhere. There’s really no getting away from them no matter what we try. This is even truer when you realize that the surface of your skin, much like your intestines, has colonies of beneficial bacteria that help the body. It’s something that a lot of us find uncomfortable to think about, yes, but that doesn’t stop them from being crucial to keeping our body in the best shape possible. So why do we use antibacterial products every so often? The complex relationship between us, our bacteria, and unwelcome bacteria is constantly going on and hard to truly pin down. After all, how do you keep track of the state of things when they’re constantly in flux? It is important to understand why the bacteria on our skin is important though as well as how we can help them keep us healthy. That requires taking a closer look at things to ensure that we’re better equipped to make the best decisions possible for helping our skin.

Our Friends
The colonies of bacteria that are typically on our skin are relatively harmless. They form our own skin biome that helps to keep the skin healthy. They do this in a number of ways. Some of them help to clean up areas by eating particular things that turn up on our skin while others target any foreign bacteria that turn up and start trying to get past the skin. In essence, the bacteria that are supposed to be on our skin work for us. They’ve got a happy home on the surface of our skin and are content to live there and keep their home healthy. Unfortunately, the surface of our skin is what most frequently comes into contact without outside bacteria. This in turn leads to a situation where the surface of our skin is often engaged in trying to kick out unwelcome invaders and the bacteria already on our skin aren’t always up to the task. That’s why we need to give them a little bit of help now and again.

Helping Out
Minimizing the impact of outside bacteria on our skin is actually a basic part of skincare that many of us don’t even notice. A lot of products we use for areas such as the face actually tend to have an antibacterial components. This is especially true for acne-fighting products given one of the best way to manage a breakout is to target the bacteria causing it. Most of these products tend to have a fairly scattershot approach when it comes to killing bacteria on the skin. They’ll target both friend and foe to simply get the job done. This is alright though. It provides a thorough and effective means of cleaning the area that the bacteria we all want can later re-colonize for our protection. Notably, cleansers and similar products tend to most commonly have antibacterial properties. That means that we’re generally doing our best to keep our skin free of unwelcome bacteria every day. We can also find specialized body washes for a similar purpose. The key to these products is not using them too often.

Everything In Moderation
Our skin expects to have its bacteria helpers. Yes, it may be a little disgusting if you think about it too long, but our bodies have cooperated with bacteria for ages. We both need one another to live proper, healthy lives. That’s why we need to be mindful about using targeted anti-bacterial products too often. We want the friendly bacteria to hang around and provide all the benefits they can or we’ll end up facing down more skin and health issues than we would otherwise. That doesn’t at all change the fact that we do need to help the skin when it is clear our skin’s biome can’t handle invading bacteria on their own. Targeted anti-bacterial products are typically best used as a direct response to a skin issue rising from a bacterial problem. This will help get the problem under control and get our skin back to being healthy. Using them all the time, by contrast, will open up our skin to more problems. As with most things in skincare, utilizing products properly is what will help keep one’s skin the healthiest.

Our body’s complex relationship with bacteria of all kinds colors how even our skin behaves. Friendly colonies of cooperative bacteria keep our skin healthy while unwelcome invading bacteria cause problems. Sometimes the fighting between the two can cause issues too. That’s when utilizing anti-bacterial products like some cleansers and exfoliating products becomes a good idea. They can help clear out all the bacteria and leave room for the cooperative ones to come back and return to helping keep you healthy.

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