Controlling Back and Shoulder Breakouts

Controlling Back and Shoulder Breakouts

Acne is a problem for us at almost every age no matter what some people think. It being tied so closely to the effects of hormonal shifts in the body means some of us need to deal with it more than others. Fortunately, we tend to figure out how to deal with the various kinds of facial acne we experience relatively quickly. There are plenty of specialized products that exist solely to help contain and control those breakouts. It makes it relatively easy to handle even if it is equally frustrating to never be quite rid of facial acne. Back and shoulder breakouts tend to be painful as well as annoying. They also don’t get as many specialized products to handle them as they aren’t always an actual case of acne so much the acne-like symptoms of another problem. Anyone can end up having a problem with back and shoulder breakouts if they’re not controlling for the factors that lead to them. Let’s do a quick review of what we needs to be done to get and keep control of back and shoulder breakouts so that you’re equipped to handle that problem too.

Bathe After Exercising
This one may seem a bit obvious, but the fact is that plenty of us have to admit that we may get a bit caught up in our schedules after exercising. We frequently end up in situations where we don’t necessarily take the time to properly clean up after a shower and move directly on with our days. This is particularly common among those of us fond of athleisure clothing that lets us move seamlessly between exercise and the rest of our lives. Remember that you need to clean off sweat after you’ve been exercising. Yes, it helps potentially clean your skin, but tighter clothing in particular can make this turn against you by catching and bunching sweat and debris over pores. This in turn plugs pores and creates the kind of environment that is perfect for acne and other issues. You don’t necessarily need to take a full shower, but a quick rinse to get all of the sweat and grime off of you will go a long way towards preventing back and shoulder acne.

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Exfoliate The Area
A good additional step to take if you’re having regular problems with back and shoulder breakouts is to make the effort to exfoliate. Most of us get stuck on the idea that we only need to exfoliate our face, but all of our skin benefits. The particularly good thing in this case is that you can easily use your favorite scrub or a good cleanser to achieve these results. You’re just looking to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the area. As we highlighted before, it is relatively easy for sweat and grime to get trapped close to the skin of your back and shoulders thanks to clothing. It can accidentally grind things into your pores that you’d prefer weren’t there. Exfoliating the area is the solution. We recommend sticking to a chemical exfoliation product if you’re dealing with an active breakout, but a good quality salt scrub can work well simply to help keep the area cleaned at any other time. Just be mindful of the signals your skin is giving you to avoid over-exfoliating and you should experience a decrease in breakouts.

Find The Right Products
Sometimes particularly strong back and shoulder acne ultimately needs you to find the right products. There are some products that cater specifically to this kind of acne to make up for the potentially extra strong reinforcement that clothing can end up giving the problem. These tend to be specialized body cleaners and spots treatments meant to clear up particularly troublesome acne. Generalized body cleanser can be a good option for overall management to help prevent a breakout from coming back. We recommend talking to your dermatologist about prescribed options in the event that your back and shoulder acne is particularly troublesome. It may require that level of strength sometimes simply because acne already has to be potent to spread to the back and shoulders. You can combine clever product use with regularly cleaning and care to achieve the best results though. None of these tips is a guarantee all on their own, but they can give you that extra push towards healthy skin.

Working to contain and control back and shoulder acne can be a somewhat taxing process. Such acne tends to be a little more painful on average due to clothing rubbing on it and other factors all contributing to a constant level of irritation. You don’t need to simply accept it as an absolute fact of life though. Building good habits into your life and finding the right products will let you control the problem. After that, you can expose your shoulders and back without feeling self-conscious.

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