Dealing with Peeling Nails

Dealing with Peeling Nails

Health and beauty are often two sides of the same coin. We can seek beauty by many means, but if we’re unhealthy then it ultimately shows through whatever we do to enhance our appearance. Peeling nails are one of the more nerve-wracking symptoms of something going wrong with a part of our body. Mercifully, people don’t have to deal with this problem constantly, but depending on our age and lifestyle choices they can become a chronic problem. You can take care of peeling nails and guard against them returning with a few simple steps though. OROGOLD has assembled a primer on how to deal with peeling nails both for those of you in the unfortunate circumstances that require you to know and for those who want to know how to avoid that sharp, biting pains and unsightly appearance of peeling nails.

Your Health, Your Habits
Peeling nails often seem to strike from nowhere as most people don’t bother to be informed about them until they’re a problem. This isn’t ideal if you want to avoid getting them in the first place. Peeling nails are often the symptom of something we’ve done wrong. Certain conditions and illnesses we have no control over can cause them, but what we need to be most concerned with are the things we can change. If you’re dealing with peeling nails, then we suggest you review what you eat and see if you’re getting a balanced diet. Failing to get the appropriate nutrients in your diet will lead to problems with your nails in addition to other parts of your body. Another possible cause can come from our desire to look our best. Using too many products on your nails can dry out the general area of your nails and lead to peeling. This is especially true of harsh products such as acetone-based nail polish remover. You may also wish to make sure their air is humid enough as the harsh dryness of winter and specific environments can similarly cause peeling nails. If any of these apply to you, consider taking steps to fix or mitigate the problems as you treat your peeling nails.

Treat Your Nails Right
One of the best things you can do for peeling nails is to treat them properly. This doesn’t just means changing a poor diet or scaling back on how much you paint your nails though. Trim, file, and buff your nails carefully when they’ve been peeling. OROGOLD will not shy away from the fact that this will likely hurt some for those with peeling nails. Your goal is to promote healthy nail growth though to replace the damaged nail. Trimming and filing your nails routinely helps you shape your nails in addition to the simple movements themselves helping to promote nail growth through increased circulation. Buffing the nails serves a similar purpose and a good nail buffer will leave your nails with a healthy shine without requiring you to use an additional product.

Moisturize and Fortify
Due to brittleness and dryness associated with peeling nails, moisturizing the area is typically a good choice regardless of other treatments. It lets the skin be more flexible and can reduce the pain of peeling nails. A body moisturizer can work effectively, but this isn’t the ideal product. Look for nail oils. These are typically smaller bottles of the product designed to be used after tending nails. They help soothe and shine the nail once applied. Most involve putting drops on the nail and allowing it to follow the natural curve of the nail to reach the cuticle and beneath the nail. This is another reason it is important to remember to trim and shape your nails. A good nail oil can help reduce the peeling of the nail itself as well as promoting the overall growth of the nail. Peeling nails are a painful reminder that things about our body change frequently and that we can unknowingly make mistakes along the way. They don’t have to be a permanent sentence though.

With these tips from OROGOLD, you should be able to pinpoint any habits you might have that lead to the problem and adjust them accordingly. It will hurt while your nails heal and there is little you can do to escape that aspect of peeling nails. Hopefully, the time it takes for your nails to start healing will be far shorter now.

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