Deep Exfoliation and Dermaplaning

Deep Exfoliation and Dermaplaning

Exfoliation may be a routine part of skin care for most of us, but sometimes you need to be a bit more specialized to get the most out of it. Deep exfoliation is made of a useful set of tricks that help to ensure that you exfoliate your skin fully every now and then to ensure no problem build up. They’re a bit different from your standard quick cleanse and exfoliate product options. Similarly, a delicate hand can do a lot with dermaplaning to help exfoliate your skin. Utilizing techniques outside of your usual routine is recommended to ensure you take the best care of your skin possible. This is because your daily routines are more about maintenance than progress much of the time. The products help us keep our skin relatively stable until things have reached a point where you need to consider strong measures. We’ll be looking at some of those measures in this article.

What Is Deep Exfoliation?
Think about the products that you typically use for cleaning your face. Most of us have a nice, light cleanser that we use daily to help clean away oil and debris from our skin. A couple of times a week we reach out for our chosen exfoliating product as well to provide our skin with an added boost. It helps to increase blood flow as we rub it in and make sure that we spread the product evenly around our faces. More importantly, it helps to break up debris and dissolve oil as well. It isn’t meant to stay on the face for very long though. In general, basic exfoliating products are meant for use that lasts a maximum of a minute depending on their ingredients. Deep exfoliation is exfoliating using products meant to rest on your face or highly penetrating techniques that reach deeper into the layers of your skin. This gives your skin a far more thorough exfoliating than it would otherwise get.

How Can I Do This?
Interestingly enough, those of us who use at-home peels are already utilizing a deep exfoliating product every now and then. Peels are among the most common and readily available options for anyone. They do require you to be careful and pay close attention to the product’s instructions, but the thorough cleaning they provide gives you skin a distinct boost. There are other options though. Hybrid scrubs that combine physical and chemical treatments can provide a similar benefit, but they too require caution to ensure that you’re not hurting your skin. Ideally, you should try to focus on finding exfoliating masks, like peels, to do the work though as it runs less a risk of doing damage. Ensure you’re using quality products though as sometimes people package professional level peeling products for at-home use when they require professional oversight to properly use. Failing to do this could lead to damaging your skin.

How Can Someone Else Do This For Me?
There are various procedures available for people seeking deep exfoliation. Some facial include multi-stage treatments that provide that benefit as well as a follow-up soothing and nourishing of the face. This is probably one of the gentlest available options though. Dermaplaning is another option. This is actually a fairly amusing procedure to a degree when you pause and look it. It involves running a blade close to the skin to essentially remove unwanted surface layers as well as unwanted hairs. Anyone who has ever shaved facial hair has done the same thing. However, dermaplaning is in a different league as it utilizes a far finer blade with a practiced hand to achieve the same ends and can leave your skin smoother than ever. Your last option for deep exfoliation is to seek our laser treatments. These are powerful treatments that strip layers of the skin away and require notable aftercare though. It is best to only consider them if your dermatologist recommends it as an option.

Deep exfoliation is one of those hidden techniques in normal skin care and beauty routines. We often learn to do it without knowing what exactly to call it. As a result, we’re all often aware of how effective it can be whether we’re doing it at home or seeking out a professional. Consider trying dermaplaning in particular if you’re looking to test out a new skin care technique. The results may surprise you.

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