Deep Peeling for Beautiful Winter Skin

Deep Peeling for Beautiful Winter Skin

Deep peels are a useful tool in the skin care kit the year round. They help restore and fortify skin with a few scheduled treatments that go a lot faster than similar products. Many people try to schedule their peels around big events or peak times of the year for being out and about to help emphasize their natural beauty. This ends up focusing around spring and summer while fall and winter tend to be neglected. For most people this makes perfect sense on the surface. Peels often use ingredients that dry the skin out for at least a time and the drier air in fall and winter can already be problem enough for some. OROGOLD would like to point out that, while there’s truth in that conventional wisdom, winter may actually be one of the best time that you can opt to try deep peeling products or get a supervised peel. Not only can it help with some of winter’s frustrations, but your skin may actually be safer to peel during the winter.

A Quick Look at Peels
Peels are chemical exfoliants and both can and will dry out your skin from their use. This makes using them properly especially important in the winter. A chemical exfoliant offers a way to carefully reach more of the skin than a scrub though. They eat away at grime, oils, and dead skin cells to create as clean of a palette as possible for you to use skin care products on. This is especially true of deep peeling products. However, most peeling products are more than a simple combination of chemical exfoliants. They often include extracts alongside vitamins and nutrients to provide a product that cleans, heals, and fortifies the skin through its use. Some of them even incorporate a moisturizing compound to help offset the drying effect of the exfoliating chemicals. These extra chemicals can make a peel particularly useful in winter when the air itself is constantly damaging skin.

The Hidden Benefits of Winter
Most people are familiar that winter weather happens when a hemisphere isn’t as directly in the path of the sun as usual. This creates cooler weather and the darker atmosphere that people either love or hate. A decrease in sunlight is actually very beneficial to you if you intended to get a peel or using deep peeling products though. Peels sensitize your skin for a varying amount of time after your use them. This varies from treatment to treatment. Sensitized skin is particularly vulnerable to damage from the sun. Less sunlight means you don’t need to be as wary after a peel. You will need to still apply sunscreen and make sure to moisturize your skin regularly, but the climate is actually in your favor. OROGOLD would like to highlight that this is why some professionals advice scheduling a group of peeling treatments in the winter months. This applies just as well to deep peeling products.

What To Expect
Beyond sensitized skin after the peel, the benefits of the peel itself are often quite noticeable. Dead, dry skin builds up readily in the winter. This leads to you losing healthy glows and skin looking a little unwell overall. The powerful exfoliating chemicals in a peel will remove the layers of dead skin built up over the skin below over the course of treatments and reveal your natural, healthy looking skin below. Products that include skin healing and fortifying ingredients often include ingredients like vitamin C that help to boost collagen production and help normalize skin tone. This can combat the fine lines and redness that tend to creep in along with the cold. Additionally, larger skin discolorations tend to be lightened through repeated use of peeling products. This can help control more lasting discolorations like eczema flare ups as well. Just remember to follow the instructions exactly on any product that you use and to ensure you carefully moisturize after peeling. We advise having humidifiers in your home for the duration of winter to help deal with the dry air inside your home.

A good series of peels can leave your skin looking younger, healthier, and radiant. There’s no good reason to avoid using peeling products in winter as long as you’re aware of the extra care you need to take in their use. OROGOLD hopes this advice helps you decide how you wish to take care of your skin this winter and that the snow isn’t the only thing shining brightly through the holiday season.

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