Demi Lovato’s Clear Skin Regimen

Demi Lovato’s Clear Skin Regimen

Celebrities seem to always be perfect. Demi Lovato is no different. She appears flawlessly at every outing and seem to stand out against other simply by virtue of her features alone. This carries over to whether she’s wearing makeup or not as the bold star has been seen both with and without her makeup internationally. Those of us who struggle with maintaining clear skin can often only wonder at what fortunate genetics she must have to have such good skin. The truth is she has a professional helping to care for her skin and ensure that it remains flawless regardless of Lovato’s makeup choices for a given outing. The professionally maintained routine gets adjusted from time to time, but the basics of it are here for those looking to see how they can adjust their routines for clearer skin.

Start With Cleanliness
The skin care routine involves ensuring that your skin is thoroughly cleaned before applying any further products. Lovato’s routine, in particular, included the routine use of a gentle exfoliating cleanser in the morning. The overall goal of this is to help remove the buildup from overnight as well as creating a smoother area for the other products to work in. Not everyone’s skin can necessarily tolerate the daily use of an exfoliating product. You may wish to try any form of gentle yet thorough cleanser in the morning regardless of whether it has a chemical exfoliant in it or not. Exact products are always useful in a quest to create better skin, but you should never do something that will hurt your skin. Anyone with sensitive skin is cautioned against repeating the exact feature of the Lovato routine as that will genuinely result in damage to your skin.


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Moisture Properly
We all use products that have a habit of drying our skin out and Lovato is no different. After finishing up with her main products, she applies an effective moisturizer to help hydrate her skin and guard against the rigors of the day. This replenishes moisture in the skin that is lost from the use of toner or certain exfoliating products. You need to remember to moisturize or your skin will be far more prone to damage from all sources as a layer of protection will be weakened. Beyond an end-of-routine moisturizer, Lovato also uses specialized day and night products to make the most of her routine. There is a particular emphasis placed on remembering to moisturize and fortify the skin at night to ensure it is ready for the next day.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
The best professionals in the business continue to emphasize what we’ve emphasized all along: wear sunscreen. Lovato makes a habit of religiously wearing sunscreen each day. This means carrying it around to replenish it whenever the sunscreen would otherwise be wearing off. Dedication of this sort is what allows her to maintain her clear skin. It helps reduce any sun damage her skin takes as well as avoiding more overt damage such as sunburn. We’ve tried to continually emphasize the same rules about sunscreen. Remember that you must use broad spectrum sunscreen. This protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays instead of just one or the other. Additionally, you need to find a sunscreen that offers an SPF of 30 or greater to get any proper effect. An SPF below 30 won’t do enough to properly protect your skin. You can go higher than 30, but the actual added effectiveness of sunscreen drops off the higher the SPF number climbs.

Lovato’s secrets are ultimately about cultivating proper skin care habits. She employs professionals to ensure that her routine is as perfect as possible for her skin, but it doesn’t put clear skin beyond you. All you need to do is also cultivate the same kinds of positive skin care habits. This will allow your skin to defend and heal itself effectively using its natural abilities and the products that you apply to it. Your look is helped by your product choices, but products alone won’t protect you when you make poor skin care choices.

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