Detox for Great Skin

Detox for Great Skin

The beauty and health industries are worlds of trends. Certain words and ingredients fall out of favor as new ones rise to take their place. It’s always been this way and this fact isn’t going to change anytime soon. One of the currently in words in both is to proclaim different things to be good for a “detox”. This is typically followed by meaningful sounding language that entirely ignores how your body actually works. The holistic health market is particularly known for abusing this word as unscrupulous people use deliberately made color changing pads to make people think they’re leeching “toxins” from their bodies. In some cases though, there is a good idea behind the “detox” products people market. This is especially true when it comes to products one might have encountered. Many of these are actually good cleansers. So today we’re going to talk about how to properly cleanse and how it helps clean your skin.

Start Simple
One of the big claims about many detox products is that they can bypass your skin’s defenses, reach deep into your skin, and pull out whatever it is they claim is hurting your skin. The truth is that you can support most products in getting through your skin simply by beginning your more cleanse with a simple rinse. Lukewarm water is the best for this first step. It helps wake your skin up gently while removing some of the buildup of oils and grime that can accumulate over the night or day. One or two passes with plain water will be all you need to prep your skin for a good cleansing product most of the time. Avoid using hot water as this can actually lead to irritation and drying out your skin. This is particularly important if you have dry skin to begin with and wish to avoid making it worse.

Select A Good Product
Cleansing products come in some many forms that it is sometimes difficult to pick one out that works the best. This generally varies depending on your skin type. A good foaming cleanser can work for many people though. Regardless of your cleansing product, you should follow up your initial rinse with the actual cleanser. This gives the cleanser a better area to work with and allows it to penetrate past the build up on your skin effectively. You’ll find this actually improves how well a cleanser can clean your skin. One of the biggest benefits of this is for if you’re using specialty cleansers though. Different ones can offer anti-aging, brightening, or other benefits that actually need to get into your skin for the best results. Beauty enthusiasts likely already know the uppermost layer of their skin is composed of dead skin cells and this is a protective barrier. A good specialty cleanser not only helps clean these upper layers, but is capable of bypassing them to deliver its products benefits to the skin.

Beauty From Motion
Depending on how much time you have, you might want to try massaging your cleanser into your face softly. Smooth, upwards circles are one of the best ways to massage in a product. It helps prevent causing damage by pulling the skin down and the massage boosts circulation in your skin. This, in turn, helps ensure your cleansing product benefits move around your skin more effectively at the same time the surface wash afterwards takes away grime. Anti-aging cleansers especially benefit from this as they often include collagen-supporting ingredients like vitamin C. Good circulation helps improve the overall production of collagen in your skin which leads to a healthy and more youthful appearance. The circulation will also help remove any actual problems in your skin that get delivered to your bloodstream to the appropriate places in your body where toxic substances are actually processed.

“Detox” sounds like a fancy and important word, but people have started to abuse it to the point that it seems most often used to mislead people. A good cleanse is most often all your skin needs to help remove grime and other problematic substances from it simply because the skin is so good at protecting itself. If you feel the need to deeply cleanse your skin, then time in a sauna or spa may be just what you need to feel clean again. Either way, a good cleanse helps support a timeless beauty.

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