Do You Need to Exfoliate on Vaca?

Do You Need to Exfoliate on Vaca?

Vacations are meant to be times to relax from your worries. It is little wonder that some of us use them to take a break from our usually rigorous skin care routines. Sometimes it feels nice to drop a product or two and be done faster. It doesn’t really hurt your skin any to take a break as long as it isn’t too long. Taking a break does raise a few specific questions such as what products are okay to take a break from and how long is an acceptable break. A more common question people familiar with OROGOLD products might have is whether they actually need to exfoliate during a vacation. Interestingly, this answer varies depending on where and how long you’re vacationing. We’ve put together a quick overview to give you a clearer picture of whether you need to on your next vacation.

Where You’re Traveling To
A big consideration is where you’re traveling to during your vacation. Drastic changes in climate have a way of making our skin react rather clearly. Think about the season you’re currently in. Each season has its own particular exfoliation requirements. Winter generally requires a little more while summer requires you to exfoliate a little less. If you’re going to a destination with a climate that relatively matches the one you’re coming from, then you should be able to get away without exfoliating for a little while. The same rule holds true when considering the general climate. If you’re going from a drier climate to a wetter one, then you can similarly avoid a little exfoliating. The trick is this isn’t the case if you’re going to a climate drastically different from the one you’re coming from or going from wet to dry. Your skin will need the extra attention to help curb any adverse reactions.

How Long You’re Traveling For
The length of your vacation is also an important factor to consider when trying to figure out whether you need to exfoliate during a vacation. Remember that the average person needs to exfoliate two to three times a week to keep up with their skin’s natural cycle of renewal. This varies by skin type, but it typically isn’t by much. Exfoliation is a good way of helping your skin remain healthy and as a result, you shouldn’t neglect it for too long. However, a week or two isn’t going to be a huge setback for most people’s skin. A good idea is to consider your skin type. OROGOLD customers with problematic skin probably don’t want to go more than one week without exfoliating, but ones with sensitive skin can probably safely go for up to three weeks. Your general rule should be that any vacation lasting more than two weeks is going to require exfoliation eventually.

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What Product Do You Typically Use
There are a myriad of exfoliating products available. Each one has a particular pattern that it is properly used in. A scrub is one of the most basic forms of exfoliator and these tend to be the most useful in the two to three times a week pattern. They’re not particularly strong or deep acting, but they are a reliable day-to-day product that helps maintain your skin. These are where you can run into issues with stopping exfoliating for too long. Things change if you tend to favor utilizing a peeling product though. These often have at least a week off between uses and are deep cleaning products that provide a noticeable benefit each use. Their results last longer as a result. You’re more likely to be able to avoid exfoliating on a shorter vacation if you peel the week before you leave.

Exfoliation is one of the crucial and healthy parts of any skin care routine. You can make an exception here or there depending on the circumstances surrounding your vacation. Living an OROGOLD quality life doesn’t mean you have to give up on enjoying the finer points of vacation. All you need to do is remember that you should probably pack your favorite exfoliator when traveling…just in case.

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