Elements of a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle

Elements of a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle

Trying to lead a healthy, fit life is one of those tasks that is more difficult than it sounds. Most of us tend to be naturally just a little lazy when it comes to moving around. After all, modern life ensures most of what we need is close at hand and cars are so convenient for getting from one place to another. That tends to mean we don’t move anywhere near a fraction of the amount that our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Our diets also tend to be a little bit… less than ideal. It is easy to get various high energy foods with things such as sugar in them. When we don’t move enough to use that energy it gets converted into fat for storage for “lean times” by our bodies. Your body loves you, you see, but it doesn’t quite get there are seldom lean times anymore. You can do a lot to help yourself live a healthy, fit lifestyle though. There are a handful of elements to it that are sometimes difficult to pursue, but offer clear goals for any of us to strive towards.

Eating Well
Diet is crucial to helping maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is because it determines a lot about our potential capabilities. Not getting the right nutrition hurts your health and can lead to weight gain as well as various skin conditions. Poor health and diet can quite literally be seen on someone if it is a chronic state. Most of us don’t really have an excuse though. Adjusting our diet is just a difficult proposition simply because we are often creatures of habit. A healthy diet tends to be highly varied, colorful, and emphasizes fruits and vegetables with only a little meat. All the greenery is far better for your health over time and provides you with most of the nutrients you need to have a healthy life. Meat works well as a light addition simply because it is protein dense and too much of it contributes to weight gain and other issues. You can mitigate it some with exercise, but you can still overindulge even with a good exercise routine.

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Sweating It Out
Exercise is necessary too if you want to stay healthy. The human body is a marvelous thing, but in many ways it still thinks we are our hunter-gatherer ancestors. A lot of the foods we have ready access too are far richer than anything our bodies expect and as a result we tend to put on weight. The fact that we don’t need to walk miles each day further compounds the fact. You can work against things by getting out and walking though. Taking brisk walk of forty-five minutes to an hour in length a few times a week can go a long way towards providing the exercise necessary to keep you healthy. Walking is comparatively low impact and able to be done by most of us regardless of our age. It is important to pace your exercise appropriately though and so you might want to talk to your doctor before starting to walk as exercise again. You’ll definitely want to talk to your doctor if you try for a more intensive workout that incorporates several kinds of exercise.

Looking Inward
We often neglect our mental health these days. In truth, that’s as important to leading a healthy, fit lifestyle as a good diet and exercise routine. We are unable to take care of ourselves nearly as effectively if we’re struggling with a mental disorder. This is particularly true when we’re dealing with large scale disorders like depression or chronic stress. These disorders tend to make it hard to do anything no matter how hard we struggle and have profound negative impacts on our physical health. They aren’t alone in this respect either. Taking care of your mental wellness involves different things depending on your needs. Anyone with a chronic condition will likely want to have regular meetings with a therapist while others may just need to carve out a little time for themselves and their friends in a busy schedule. The key is simply in remembering mental health is a major factor that you need to tend to instead of neglecting it. You’re human and you need time to be you and enjoy what you enjoy.

The elements of a healthy, fit lifestyle can be broken into three broad categories: diet, physical activity, and mental wellness. Each plays a role in your overall health and needs to be remembered to ensure your wellness. There’s no getting around the fact that most of us end up neglecting at least one of these factors, if not more, at various points in our lives. You can turn that around and work on a healthier you though. All it takes is the drive to start changing things and the strength to persevere.

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