Essential Winter Skin Care Rules

Essential Winter Skin Care Rules

Taking care of your skin in winter isn’t terribly different from taking care of it in other seasons outside of a few crucial rules. These rules are where the true distinctions are that help you to ensure that the weather doesn’t cause you more issues than usual over the course of the season. Most winter skin care rules focus on prevention. The season lasts a while and any slips can end up sticking wit you the entire time thanks to winter’s harsh nature. Fortunately, there are always ways to help undo any damage that has already been done providing you’re willing to make the effort. We’re going to stick to the simple things that anyone can do so that you don’t need to worry about not knowing what to do. With that in mind, let’s review some of the more essential winter skin care rules so you can examine your own routine and determine if you need to make some changes for your skin to be happy the rest of winter.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead
A key of winter skin care is getting and staying ahead of winter itself. The air and weather tend to be harsher than in other seasons. It tends to creep in as the season changes to fall and gets increasingly worse as fall slowly moves towards winter. Your skin can be taking damage the whole time without you realizing it if you’re not already planning ahead. Damage from dry air is, in many ways, highly insidious simply because it is so hard to be able to realize what is happening until it is already out of control. Fortunately, the process of getting and staying ahead is relatively easy. It involves making a few of the shifts to your routine that we will be discussing shortly. You can also make up for a late start by more intensive professional routines like getting facials during winter to help push your skin closer to a healthy starting position than it otherwise would be from not initially getting ahead of the weather.

Moisturize Intelligently
Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the keys to winter skin care. This is because the cold, dry air of winter tends to siphon moisture from your skin at an accelerated rate. Moisturizing is important at any point in the year, but seasons like spring and summer where moisture is more available in the air don’t degrade your product choices and natural moisture barrier at the same rate. Winter, especially on a windy day, is far harsher. It starts to degrade all of the mentioned barriers on contact. That means you’ll want to look into using a slightly thicker moisturizer than usual. Getting a moisturizer that is one “step” heavier than your usual choice is typically good enough. It is important to stress here that people with oily skin will want to stick with water-based products and will likely get the most out of a lotion rather than toner in the winter. However, people with normal to dry skin will want to look for oil-based creams to provide their skin with an appropriate defense over the course of the winter.

Woman exfoliating skin
Exfoliate A Little Less
Another important point to make about winter is that we all need to be a little kinder to our skin over the course of the season. This is an important point to make as we frequently use products that can actually be a little harsh on our skin without thinking twice about it. Most of the time these products are our cleansers and exfoliating products. These products typically contain acidic ingredients meant to help use prevent the buildup of dead skin cells on our skin, but that also damages our skin’s natural moisture barrier by breaking down the oils on our skin. The rule here is to take a step back when it comes to exfoliating. Most people end up exfoliating one to two times a week most of the year. For winter, you’re going to want to strive to exfoliate once every two weeks or so to be on the safe side. This will help prevent the buildup you don’t want while allowing your natural barriers to remain intact and help with moisture retention. People with oily or dry skin will need to experiment, but just remember the idea is to exfoliate slightly less frequently rather than giving it up.

Winter skin care is a natural continuation of skin care the rest of the year. It requires a few tweaks to keep your skin healthy in a different kind of weather though. The dry air of winter puts consistent strain on your skin that needs to be countered properly to avoid damage. None of the tricks for managing the issue are particularly complex and are easy for any of us to do. So be sure to review your routine to make sure you’re doing what you can for your skin this winter rather than allowing winter to cause you more problems.

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