Exfoliate All Of These Body Parts

Exfoliate All Of These Body Parts

When we talk about exfoliating we’re generally focusing on our face. It makes sense. This is the place that the most of us regularly exfoliate and think requires it to maintain to health look. We come to this perspective as that’s generally what those who teach about exfoliating tell us to focus on. If we’re lucky, people encourage us to look into exfoliating body scrubs to help the rest of our body as well. Sometimes we get encouraged to use a particular bath sponge or brush to the same end. This should be the clue to us that exfoliating properly requires focusing on more than just the face in general, but it doesn’t always click. So we’re going to state it here: you need to exfoliate more body parts than your face to keep your skin healthy. Fortunately for you we’ve got a short list of some of the ones you most need to focus on.

Yes, the lips are part of your face, but strangely enough people seem intent on neglecting them. This makes no sense given how central that can often be to our look. What makes matters even worse is that we consistently apply products to them and remove them. Not giving your lips an appropriate amount of care will lead to them drying out and forming a layers of obvious dead skin. This isn’t good for your appearance. As a result, exfoliating will help maintain a natural, healthy look for your lips that make them attractive regardless of whether you’re using a product or not. The further benefit here is that regularly exfoliating your lips boosts blood flow to the are which gives a little bit more natural color as well as contributing some plumpness to the lips. Smooth lips tend to take products better too. You can perhaps understand why you don’t want to neglect your lips anymore if you’ve been prone to bad habits in the past. There are other areas that need your attention as well.

Neck and Décolletage
You might be surprised to know that you should keep going downwards when exfoliating your face. Your neck and general décolletage require attention as well. People neglect them though. For those who don’t know, this refers to the neck, shoulder, and upper torso area generally display by dresses. These areas are just as prone to wrinkling and skin damage over time as others and yet people neglect them frequently. Maintaining an overall youthful look means ensuring that areas prone to being visible need to be appropriately maintained for overall health and appearance. Exfoliating these areas will help keep the skin taut and minimize fine lines and wrinkles for longer. This lends itself to an overall smoother and more youthful appearance over time. As with all exfoliation, it also boosts blood flow to the area that in turn helps to maintain the collagen in the skin. The keeps it looking and feeling firm even as time goes by. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite looks for longer by giving your skin this kind of attention.

Woman touching feet

Hands and Feet
Here’s a question for you: what parts of your body do you think take the most damage daily? You can probably guess given you’ve already read the title of this section. Your extremities tend to end up taking the brunt of things day every day. Think about it for a moment. Your feet constantly support your and rub against your shoes and socks as you move around. Can you think of the last time you had a day where your hands weren’t touching everything? This collective wear and tear works against them. Your hands tend to be prone to wrinkling from all the the movements they go through constantly while callouses readily build up on your feet. Both of these tend to be telling signs of age and work against the timeless appearance many of us try to cultivate. Exfoliate them semi-regularly to help keep the individual problems under control. Don’t forget to moisturize them afterwards to help them feel soft though. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Exfoliating is about keeping our skin looking its best. The natural processes by which it sheds dead, unwanted skin are good, but their imperfections mean they need that extra helping hand to ensure everything works out well. Putting in the effort to exfoliate these often neglected areas will make it easier for you to resist the signs of aging by keeping areas looking youthful. Yes, it can be an effort to learn to make this a habit, but doing so will reward you for years to come.

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