Exfoliate and Massage Your Neck Area

Exfoliate and Massage Your Neck Area

All of our skin deserves love. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we get caught up in thinking of skincare as something almost exclusively for our face. Some of us remember to moisturize our bodies regularly too to keep things soft and smooth, but it often isn’t enough. There’s this quiet justification that tends to accompany such favoritism though. We focus on our face specifically because that’s where the signs of aging we’re taught to dread often appear first. This makes absolutely no sense the moment you stop to think and realize that they show up everywhere. Signs of aging do get concentrated in areas where sun exposure is relatively high though. Focusing on the face makes sense in that light. Many of us even incidentally take care of our hands due to the popularity of hand cream. What a lot of us miss is taking care of our neck and the general area directly below. These are also prone to high exposure and without care will be just as sure to tell our age.

Why You Should
Wrinkles, sagging, and sunspots don’t stop at your face simply because your head may cast a little shadow on your neck. It is just as prone to needing care because it is in constant motion too. Think about it. We don’t even bother counting how many times we move our neck each day as we twist and turn to keep an eye on our surroundings. It’s automatic. All of that is damaging collagen in your neck with each twist as it folds the skin and lays the foundation for later wrinkles and potential sagging. Sun damage is another big issue too. Admittedly, your immediate neck is often comparatively safe when held up to your face, but it is still subject to the same kinds of UV damage if you aren’t protecting the area. This gets even worse when we move down to the decolletage below the neck. These areas need appropriate care or else they’ll get all the signs you’ve been hoping to avoid.

Get A Massage
This is a small yet key thing to make sure you have done occasionally. Make sure you’re getting a facial massage that includes your neck and potentially the decolletage. These treatments typically include nourishing products being rubbed into your skin at the same time that you’re getting the actual massage. All of those products are going to be good for you as they’ll include skin healthy ingredients like vitamins C and E alongside others. The massage itself is key to make the most of this though. A massage stimulates the blood flow in the skin. Your skin will them be able to share the boost from the topical products more effectively. Furthermore, better blood flow is also associated with an increased production of collagen. This combination of healthy ingredients and increased blood flow stimulates your body’s ability to repair your skin and in turn, help guard against the issues we’ve been discussing. A massage is a good boost, but you actually need to be making regular efforts in your own skincare routine.

Keep the Routine Going
The key to taking good care of your neck and decolletage is just letting your facial routine drift downwards some. These areas will benefit from more or less the same treatment as your face due to them still being composed of comparatively thin skin. Rinse, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the area will help keep it healthy and maintain a natural glow. Exfoliating and moisturizing are particularly important though. Remember that regularly exfoliating is what help remove outer layers of dead skin and reveals the healthier ones below. It also prevents those dead skin cells from adding up over time. This helps reduce the amount of folding that happens when you’re turning your neck and thereby helps guard against earlier wrinkling. It can be particularly important for helping to ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow that matches the rest of your skin too. Despite this, the biggest thing you’ll get from it is ensuring the skin remains smooth and youthful looking over time. Yes, adding the neck and decolletage to your routine will make it take longer, but you’ll look your best for longer.

Your skincare shouldn’t stop with your face and hands. It needs to be there to care special care of all the areas that are regularly exposed to the sun. This means making sure your neck and decolletage get appropriate attention too. Getting regular massages and extending your skincare routine to include those areas is all it takes though. The payoff is ensuring that you age with grace and that your skin remains radiant through the years.

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