Exfoliating in the Summer

Exfoliating in the Summer

Every shift in seasons involves shifting around your skin care routine to match. In winter, we all huddle away from the cold, load up on moisturizers, and turn the humidifiers on waiting for the warmth and humidity of spring and summer. Most people are waiting for the latter though as summer is a special season that conjures pleasant memories for many people. Backyard barbecues, swimming, and stargazing are part of the soul of summer. A good skin care routine is too, whether you intended to show off or not. The trick is that exfoliating during the summer does come with a few specific concerns that you need to remember. OROGOLD has put together a quick list of things to consider changing about your exfoliating habits during the summer. These suggestions may make the difference between a sun tan and a sunburn.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Frequently
Most of us exfoliate somewhere around two or three times a week depending on our skin types. People with sensitive skin exfoliate a little less and people with problem skin exfoliate a little more. Most of us need to pay heed to the habits of people with sensitive skin though. Exfoliation is good for your skin, but it does come with drawbacks. Scrubbing away all that dead skin exposes younger, healthier skin, but the dead skin layers are there as a protective layer for the healthier skin. This leaves your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Consider exfoliating once or twice less a week depending on your current frequency. It should allow you to keep your skin looking relatively healthy, but you won’t be exposing sensitive skin to the sun as often that way.

Moisturize Afterward!
Moisturizing in your skin care routine is important the year over, but it is especially important to properly moisturize exfoliated skin in the summer. As we highlighted above, your skin is left more sensitive than it usually is after exfoliating. Moisturizing helps deal with that fact by calming and soothing the skin. Properly moisturized skin is more capable of defending itself against outside damage and heals readily as well. OROGOLD recommends choosing a moisturizer that will spread well and includes fortifying ingredients. If you have dry skin, try to favor creams, in particular, to ensure there is a healthy layer of moisture between your skin and the sun during the summer. You can be a little less dedicated if you’re not intending to spend all the time you can in the sun during the summer, but you should still remember to moisturize. Ideally, you should exfoliate while in the bath or showering so your body soaks up moisture from that and then seal it in with a moisturizer for the greatest effect.

Never Forget Sunscreen
Remember your sunscreen is a skin care mantra. The importance of this in the summer cannot be overstated. Exfoliating regularly means you don’t want to forget your sunscreen even once if you want to take proper care of your skin. Don’t forget that most sunscreens are also moisturizers and help protect your skin in that way too. Look for products of SPF 30 that offer broad spectrum protection. This means they protect against both UVA and UVB rays instead of just one or the other. Protecting against both means your skin will be more resilient to both sun-caused premature aging and skin diseases caused by overexposure. Higher than SPF 30 will work as well, but past SPF 30 the amount of protection each steps up offers lessens greatly.

Exfoliating your skin during the summer is much the same process as it is during most of the year. The main issues to remember are that the increasing sensitivity after exfoliation becomes something to be concerned about. OROGOLD wishes to stress that proper aftercare for exfoliation and daily sunscreen should help you avoid any real issues during the summer. Just remember that your skin probably won’t need as much exfoliating as usual unless you are truly dedicated to never being in the sun.

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