Exfoliating Isn’t Just For Summer

Exfoliating Isn’t Just For Summer

Exfoliating your skin is one of the basic building block of all skincare routines. It helps to keep your skin health and radiant at any age by working against the buildup of dead skin cells. The process that causes this build is happening constantly and as a result is always an issues. Unfortunately, some people have taken to thinking that exfoliating is simply for summer. This is because we tend to associate keeping our skin as radiant as possible with that season. You can’t really afford to treat exfoliating in this way though. It does need to be consistently done or your skin will have trouble. To help make this point clear, let’s discuss why you exfoliate in the first place and the factors that can exacerbate the issue at times outside of summer. This way you won’t hesitate the next time you need to exfoliate and think it will be fine to wait.

The Skin’s Flawed Protections
The outermost layer of your skin is dead. This isn’t a bad thing though. That layer is made up of multiple layers of dead skin cells that all function together to form a barrier against the outside world. It is why a light scratch generally won’t draw blood from your skin and why your skin doesn’t constantly itch and sting. You need those layers of dead skin. Your skin sheds them regularly so that they get replaced and take any damage or irritants with them. Unfortunately, the process isn’t perfect and more often than not the dead skin cells end up caught in the natural oils that your skin produces. This leads to buildup that can get caught in your pores and cause breakouts. Exfoliating helps break up these clumps and remove a few of the outer layers of the outermost layer of skin to ensure that it remains clean and that everything gets shed properly. As a result, it helps ensure your skin has a healthy glow.

The Chill In The Air
We favor exfoliating all over in summer as a way to help ensure tans stay and to keep the overall clarity of our skin. After all, we want to look out best all summer long. The catch is that you can’t give it up simply because of a nip in the air. That’s actually a sign that you need to be paying even more attention to exfoliating your skin and moisturizing it afterwards. The drier and colder air that starts to arrive in Fall and finishes arriving in full force in winter dries your skin out quickly if you’re not careful and leads to layers of unhealthy dead skin forming faster. You have to work against this a little more regularly than you otherwise would. The catch is that you also need to be careful about it. You need to regularly moisturize the skin to keep it healthy and resilient so that it can deal with the exfoliation. Remembering to do both will keep your skin healthy though.

Sunny Disposition
Summer exfoliation is partly about keeping your skin healthy in the face of constant sun exposure. It makes perfect sense then, so why does it stop making sense when it stops being summer? You are constantly exposed to sunlight every day. Summer may be when you’re out in it the most, but you don’t escape it the moment fall starts. You’re exposed when sitting by a window in your own home, riding by the window in the car, when you’re walking around outside, and during all the countless other times you’re experiencing the sunlight. It doesn’t go away just because you actually stop thinking about it. You need to keep applying sunscreen and remembering to exfoliate to help keep your skin healthy. You’ll also find that it can help maintain some forms of sunless tanner as well. The underlying issue is you need to be active in your skin’s care if you want it to be healthy and there are no “breaks” in there that nature honors.

Exfoliating is good for your skin and you need to do it regularly. The rate can shift around some over the seasons, but it never stops being necessary for healthy skin. It is important to remember that healthy skin does mean being dedicated throughout your life. Breaks from your skincare routines result in you needing to do what you can to make up for the extra issues that build up while you weren’t caring for your skin. So remember to exfoliate. Your skin needs it all year.

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