Expediting Cell Turnover

Expediting Cell Turnover

One of the major things that people bring up as a way to fight the signs of aging is to encourage cell turnover rates. Encouraging your skin’s natural processes helps replace the older tissue and results in younger looking skin overall. The catch is that it sounds like a whole lot of buzzwords whether you say you’re “expediting” or “encouraging” cell turnover rates. Surprisingly, you’re actually probably already doing that if you’re maintaining a good skin care routine. A lot of things we take for granted already do this and we aren’t necessarily aware of it. To help connect some clear ideas to the concept, we’re going to explain a few of the things you can do to expedite the cell turnover rate of your skin.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is commonly used in cosmetic products used around the eyes. It’s most frequently used in anti-aging products due to its ability to help deal with fine lines by tightening the skin and encouraging its overall health. One of the big reasons for this is that it is a potent antioxidant and helps eliminate free radicals in the skin. This prevents further damage to the skin as its natural processes heal damage. The other reason is that it binds at various sites in the skin, once appropriately converted by the body, and encourages your skin’s natural repair processes. This helps the areas behave in a youthful fashion as the skin begins to generate new cells and get rid of old ones as part of the process. This helps it eliminate fine lines along various angles in addition to potentially taking part in encouraging the production of elastin in the skin.

Amusingly, exfoliating your skin helps a lot with expediting cell turnover too. It isn’t actually from physically scrubbing or dissolving away the dead skin cells though…or at least not in the way you think. Scrubs, in particular, have the benefit that they need to be carefully rubbed into the skin to ensure proper coverage and usage. This act of carefully massaging a scrub on your skin encourages blood flow within the skin itself. Blood flow in the skin is one of the keys that helps it maintain its health. Increasing the blood flow “wakes up” your skin to a degree and encourages the cells to repair and replace themselves more than they normally would. This is why many people suggest massaging products in slow, tight circles to maximize both coverage and the effects of the blood flow.

Vitamins C & E, & Thee
One of the other biggest things you can do to encourage and maintain a cell turnover rate comes from your habits. Most of us don’t eat well all the time. To be more accurate, most of us don’t eat well most of the time and make fitful efforts to make up for it occasionally. This actually leads our body to be unable to take as good care of itself as we’d like it to. Your skin, as a major organ, actually pays for it when you don’t eat right. Eating well and ensuring you get plenty of skin supporting nutrients like vitamins C and E in your diet helps the mechanisms in your skin work like they should. It can start your skin working a bit faster than it used to if your diet hasn’t been the best in a while. Those vitamins, when applied topically in products, are also known to encourage the cell turnover rate in the skin by boosting its natural repair processes too.

The cell turnover rate is best looked at as how often your skin replaces damaged cells in your body. Your skin’s overall rate is tied to your health and as a result, improving your health improves the rate. There are plenty of other complex factors as well though. Those you can bypass by using products with the right ingredients that reach into the skin itself and help encourage the behaviors that you want. Expediting the cell turnover rate ultimately helps you maintain timeless beauty by preventing a build of damaged or defective cells. It means that you get to feel confident and beautiful while your skin gets to feels soft and youthful.

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