Flaxseed and You

Flaxseed and You

Taking good care of yourself involves a lot of steps. Exercise is probably the most frustrating component and the hardest to stick to over the long run. Adjusting your diet can be a lot easier and it is typically the first place most of us should start. Changing our diets involves swapping particular things out of our diet and adding new things to benefit our health. Dark, leafy greens and colorful vegetables are all good options when it comes to eating healthier, but there are less recognizable options as well. Incorporating flaxseed into your diet is one of these less obvious steps that can help your health. It is a shame that there aren’t more people aware of the potential benefits. We’re going to try and fix that now. Don’t make the mistake of thinking flaxseed is a miracle food though. It is good, but it is good as a component in a balanced diet.

Why Flaxseed?
Flaxseed has a number of benefits for you. It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Omega-3s are used by the body in a variety ways and as a result, have a wide reaching connection to your overall health. Some people have even linked them to mental health benefits over the years, but this connection is still relatively minor if it exists. Most people need to maintain omega-3 levels through eating fish, but people not fond of fish or similar foods can reach for seeds like flaxseed instead. Additionally, flaxseed is easily incorporated into a diet as a supplementary component to various dishes. This means you can incorporate its boost to fiber in many ways. Regular fiber helps the body regulate various aspects of itself as well and in general, helps to maintain your overall health rather than just your digestive health as most people think.

Eating Flaxseed
Most people don’t eat flaxseed all on its own. Their flavor isn’t as noticeable as some seeds and also eating enough on their own to have a large impact would take a great deal of flaxseed. It serves best as a way to augment your diet. Think of it as the fiber equivalent to iodized salt. You need it, but in measured amounts where it can do its job effectively. It is frequently eaten scattered over cereal and oatmeal as a result of this. This adds extra texture to the dishes without altering their flavor substantially. Similarly, many health conscious people opt to scatter flaxseed over their salads for the same reasons. You can also utilize it in baking and incorporate it into muffins and breads. Some dishes do use flaxseed as a major component as part of a coating or sauce for certain dishes. This is the true beauty of flaxseed. It can be added to almost any dish without it changing much beyond adding that extra layer of health to the dish.

A Healthy Complexion
If your general health isn’t enough motivation to incorporate flaxseed into your diet, then you’ll be glad to know it can have an impact on your skin’s health as well. Omega-3s helps to give your skin the necessary components to maintain hydration and aid in repairs. This also allows flaxseed to play an anti-inflammatory role when eaten in sufficient amounts. Over time this contributes to numerous beneficial changes to your skin in the same way that eating a healthier diet does. It will help clear your complexion and even out drier patches of skin over time. This will help make it easier to manage any chronic skin conditions you deal with as well by reducing the overall strain applied to your skin regularly. Such effects will require you to incorporate flaxseed into your diet regularly though and it does bear stressing that you will get similar benefits from getting regular omega-3s from other sources.

Flaxseed is a healthy addition to any diet. It won’t turn around a bad diet, but it will make an excellent complement to an increasingly healthy diet. A regular source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids does wonders for the body’s overall health. We’re often missing out on one or both of those in our diet simply due to modern life requiring so much of our time. Why not take an easy way to put them back into your diet effortlessly?

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