Foods That Do Double Duty

Foods That Do Double Duty

One thing you learn quickly when you’re getting into health or beauty is that certain foods are good for one thing or another. After all, there are some of foods that are fiber rich and help with digestive issues while other foods are rich in vitamin C and can do wonders for your skin. We spend a lot of effort finding the foods that fit what we’re looking for in our diet. In truth, a lot of these foods are doing at least double duty because they’re good for both general health and beauty. A lot of us simply don’t pause to think about it. It leads to awkward situations where you can end up discussing positive foods with a friend and both of you believing a particular is good for one thing and not the other. In the interest of decreasing friendly arguments, let’s go over some of the prominent foods that are doing more than their fair share of lifting for our health and beauty.

Orange All The Way
As we highlighted earlier, vitamin C is an excellent thing to have in your diet if you’re interested in taking proper care of your skin. It helps by boosting collagen production in the skin and thereby helping the skin to remain youthful and firm through ensuring that it has all the materials it needs to repair itself. Vitamin C is also good for your general health too. Getting your daily value of it is frequently enough to help give your overall health an extra push. It has been shown to be associated with increased disease resistance providing you’ve been getting enough in your diet instead of megadosing on it to try and stop an illness that is already settling in. Orange vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins are all also good options for your diet too. They’re all rich in beta carotene that can benefit your eyes. What makes it even better is that compounds in all of these foods are rich in antioxidants too.

Dark, Leafy Goodness
There are few food types as healthy as dark, leafy greens. Kale and spinach tend to get all the publicity in both health and beauty circles. They’re supposed to be miraculous superfoods that can help you recover from almost anything in sufficient concentrations. This is overselling them by a long shot, but they truly are a very healthy option. Dark, leafy greens are rich in antioxidants that help the body and skin to resist the effects of aging for longer. They are also packed full of a broad group of vitamins and other nutrients that help the body in various ways. A big one is that your skin benefits from the concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E in the vegetables, but the high fiber content will help the rest of you as well as the potassium. Admittedly, all that fiber will be good for your skin too and you can make it even better by adding a bit more into your diet.

Woman eating nuts

Go Nuts
You can actually get a lot fiber and healthy fats from nuts. As far as an eternal snack food goes, nuts are actually far more useful than we give them credit for as a culture. We’re not talking about any specific kinds of nuts either. Cashews are good for just the same as walnuts providing you’re eating them in proper proportions. Some nuts have higher concentrations of beneficial components that others though. If we look back to cashews, they’re actually excellent sources of dietary fiber that can help regulate your blood sugar levels and help you control your hunger by helping you feel full. Walnuts, by contrast, are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats that can increase your overall heart health. Regulating your blood sugar with fiber helps reduce the chances of breakouts and omega-3 fatty acids are associated with helping keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Who knew?

The truth about all the foods we’ve discussed is that a good food is generally a good food all around. We get a lot from the complex interplay of various foods. You can get a lot more from them in their raw forms, but never let that stop you from enjoying a cooked form of one of these foods. They are still good for you after being cooked. Your beauty and your health are intertwined because your skin is your body’s largest organ. Caring for your health was, is, and always will be caring for your beauty too.

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