Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much product to use?
Usually, very little of the product is more than enough for your entire face. You should be able to understand what suits you the best with the very first application itself. If you’re still unsure about the frequency of use or the amount of product to use, please get in touch with an OROGOLD skin expert by visiting the nearest store or calling our customer care number.

Will deep peeling suit my skin type?
OROGOLD deep peels have been formulated using the best and gentlest possible ingredients to get them to work well for people with all types of skin. You are recommended to get in touch with an OROGOLD expert to devise solutions for your particular skin type and understand what suits your skin the best.

Do OROGOLD peels contain adhesives? 
OROGOLD products not contain adhesives. OROGOLD products contain only the highest quality ingredients approved for use in cosmetics. Rinsing with cold or warm water can cause the peeling gel to stiffen, making the product more difficult to remove. Be sure to follow the suggested usage guidelines for the best results.

Some of the product is stuck to my skin, what can I do?
Use a damp washcloth to scrub away any remaining product. Add a small amount of baby oil to the wash cloth if needed. Once the product is removed, wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

When should I use deep peeling products?
The first thing that you need to understand when applying deep peels is that you simply can’t afford to go overboard. Deep peels are way stronger than everyday cleansers, and this means that you need to tread carefully. OROGOLD pays a lot of stress on its formulations to ensure that our deep peels are formulated using the best and most soothing ingredients, but you still need to restrict your usage to a maximum of one to two times per week. It also helps to use your deep peels in the morning, after cleansing your skin.

How much product should I use?
As with all OROGOLD products, a little goes a long way. You only need a little bit of the product for your entire face area. OROGOLD recommends you to adjust usage based on your own experience. For a complimentary demonstration on how to best use these deep peels, you can always visit your nearest OROGOLD Store and talk to our skin experts.

I think the product may have irritated my skin or caused a breakout, what can I do?
Using the products too frequently or outside of the suggested usage guidelines can result in skin irritation and/or discomfort. We advise using exfoliating products no more than 2-3 times per week. For certain skin types once per week may be optimal. If you’re experiencing minor redness, consider reducing usage to once per week or even once every other week. If you’re experiencing stinging, burning, or any other unusual changes in your skin, discontinue use completely. To report an allergic reaction, please contact customer care. Before using any new skin care product, we recommend performing a patch test to ensure the product is compatible with your skin type.

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    I used orogold products since january, a used to have a lot of spots by my acne, buy the 24k deep pelling help me with that and now my face y like a baby so smooth and clear , i’m so happy with the results!

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