Get Clean, Refreshed Winter Skin

Get Clean, Refreshed Winter Skin

Keeping your skin feeling clean and fresh in winter isn’t the easiest task in the world. The weather itself seems to be trying to work against you most of the time. Cold, dry air draws the moisture out of your skin and leaves it dry and sensitive. This means that any snow you’re near reflects sunlight back on your skin almost as brilliantly as when it first hit the ground and increases your chances for sun damage…which further dries your skin. It can lead to a situation where your skin feels constantly abused and you have trouble staying ahead of the problem. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to suffer through winter. There are ways to get back ahead of any troubles you’re experiencing and improve how your skin feels despite the weather. You will need to make sure that you’re keeping up your winter skin care routine though. We’ve got a few modifications to suggest to make it better suited to the season, but giving it up because it doesn’t seem to be achieving anything will just make matters worse.

Think Unconventionally
Most of us immediately wonder what kind of product we can apply to our skin when we noticed something is wrong. It is a natural reaction. There are plenty of products that constantly vie for our attention as the best option for our skin type. Sometimes this can get in the way of a somewhat unconventional approach that can actually provide the help we need. For instance, you’re actually going to want to set up a humidifier or two this winter to help you keep your skin clean and refreshed. Adding humidity back into the air will reduce the stress being put on your skin when you’re inside at the very least. This works to your advantage by giving you an easier starting place than people who aren’t thinking to use one. Your products will last a little longer and your skin will be happier. Less dry skin also means there’s less of a chance your skin will start over producing oil and making things worse.

Twice the Protection
Moisturizers are necessary for winter. There is no getting away from this even if you’re using a humidifier in your home or office. You’re going to be exposed to dry air sooner or later and all the help you can give your skin is necessary. Fortunately, all you really need to remember is that you should be moisturizing at least two times a day and that your moisturizer should be heavier than the one you use most of the year. Just make sure to avoid oil-based products if you have oily skin and things will be fine. However, you’ll want to take advantage of winter to make use of layering. Applying your moisturizer and then immediately putting on close fitting clothing over it can help seal the product in even longer to add extra protection for your skin. This is particularly useful when using it with your hands and gloves as the skin of your hands it more likely to dry and crack in winter. Trapping as much moisture as possible will help improve things and keep your skin feeling fresh.

Practiced Ease
Maintaining your winter skin care routine is a relatively easy thing for any of us to do. We just keep doing the same thing we’ve always done. This can help, but it can also hurt. Remember that your skin is inherently drier in winter. We’ve covered two ways to fight back against to keep your skin feel refreshed. Keeping it clean while still feeling fresh can be a bit more difficult. Think of your skin as being automatically sensitized during winter. Harsher products are a no-go as they’ll end up making any issues your face harder. Yes, you should still keep rinsing with lukewarm water, but you’ll want a cleanser meant for sensitive skin. Similarly, you’ll want to switch to a gentler version of any exfoliating product you’re using too. Gentle products meant for sensitive skin will keep getting the job done, but they’ll run less of a risk of aggravating your skin. This is particularly important given dry skin can lead to the overproduction of oil and breakouts. So keep your skin clean, but phase out harsher products in winter.

Your skin can still feel clean and fresh in winter, but it will take a little work. Things are just a little bit harder due to the continual strain put on your skin by the dry air. Remembering to counter that with little tricks while being kind to your skin in your product choices will help you look your best all winter.

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