Have You Tried Dermaplaning

Have You Tried Dermaplaning

There are a lot of techniques available that help us take care of our skin. We utilize many of the simpler ones at home every day. Our personal routines are composed of various bits of knowledge that we have on the products to use and how best to apply them. They combine to help us keep us looking our best. That doesn’t mean we should stop looking into other techniques, though. Plenty of techniques exist that require a specialized professional to do. These techniques can build upon our own to create an even better long term routine that cultivates health, beautiful skin. A good example of this is dermaplaning. We all exfoliate our skin regularly if we want to keep our skin healthy, but that can be augmented by adding a more professional treatment. Let’s take a look into what dermaplaning can do for you.

Wait, what is Dermaplaning?
As previously stated, dermaplaning is a form of supervised exfoliation that requires trained hands. This is because of how the skin is exfoliated. It involves taking a sufficient grade of scalpel or another blade to the face in careful motions designs to slowly strip away layers of skin. These motions, in many cases, are small, precise upwards motions that gradually shave away the layers of skin. It is one of the purer forms of physical exfoliation that you can experience and surprisingly gentle given it requires a trained hand to actually perform. Dermaplaning seems a bit unnerving on the surface given the use of a blade, but it is best to view it as a form of shaving. We take blades to our skin all the time to remove hair. Dermaplaning simply does the same thing and aims ever so slightly deeper to remove the layers of dead skin as well as hair.

Deep Cleaning
One of the excellent parts of dermaplaning is that it actually penetrates the skin deeply and evenly. Scrubs rely on rough materials to try and provide a way to exfoliate the skin, but all the techniques in the world can’t actually make the exfoliation definitively even. Similarly, it beats out chemical exfoliating products for the same reason. You can’t always ensure an even coating of such products. Dermaplaning professionals know and use techniques to ensure thorough, even coverage across your face that provides gentle, penetrating exfoliation. This benefits you almost immediately by helping even out your skin’s tone and texture visibly. You get this from both the removal of layers of dead skin and the shaving of the fine hair on everyone’s faces. Such immediate results command attention and actually allow your at-home routines to be more effective thanks to your cleaner skin. All this alone makes dermaplaning a useful technique, but there are still other benefits.

Reducing Signs of Aging
We just highlighted that it helps even skin tone and improves texture and these can contribute to looking more youthful, but it helps in other ways. As a form of physical exfoliation, the careful movements of the technician actually help to promote your skin’s ability to repair itself. The actual removal of the skin helps to even the skin out properly from things like acne scars and other deformations of the skin by reducing how much definition they enjoy relative to the rest of your skin. That boost to your skin’s repair abilities does even more. It encourages the production of various compounds that help to fill in damaged areas of the skin that in turn will reduce these signs. Such close exfoliation is also incredibly useful when it comes to decreasing the appearance of spots on the skin. When combined with other management techniques at home, dermaplaning’s removal of the skin can easily contribute to the fading of darker spots of skin.

Dermaplaning is a safe, effective form of physical exfoliation. Some people believe that it may be one of the better options available for people to try as there are fewer potential complications than there are with options such as peels. You can still the best of all worlds by utilizing each procedure at separate points, though. In the end, there is no reason for you to note try dermaplaning when you get the chance. Immediately obvious results with no pain are fairly uncommon and quite welcome when many procedures take time to reach full effectiveness.

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