Here’s How To Prep For Mid-Life Skin Changes

Here’s How To Prep For Mid-Life Skin Changes

One of the mistakes that we tend to make in caring for our skin is that we forget that skin isn’t a static thing. It changes in response to various factors both internal and external. That’s why skincare can be such a frustrating task for some of us. All we really want is for it to settle down and stick to one pattern for long enough that we can provide consistent care until major changes arrive. That’s really the theme of mid-life skincare. We’re reaching the point where we have to face the fact that our skin will be changing a lot in the future and need to work towards preparing our skin for those changes. By getting and staying ahead of these skin changes, they can be minimized and allow our skin to age more gracefully than it would otherwise. We’ve got a few tips to help you do just that. These should help you maintain confident in your appearance for years yet.

Aging does a lot to our bodies, but the skin tends to be affected the most. Regular exfoliation is critical to helping minimize problems. The overall cell turnover rate for your skin decreases as you age thanks to shifting hormone levels and gradually lessened repair processes. We have to help counter this by picking up the slack ourselves. Exfoliating your skin augments its own natural process of shedding the outermost layers of your skin. This helps to keep your skin clean, yes, but exfoliating also helps to expose the younger, healthier skin beneath those layers of dead skin. You’re able to prevent the gradual dullness that comes to the skin with age by sticking with this simple bit of skincare. The further bonus you’ll get is that removing this outer layer with a thorough exfoliation will let your skin be more easily bypassed by any anti-aging products that your care to use as well. Try to massage your chosen exfoliation products in to your skin with tight circles as well to boost blood flow to your skin for further support.

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Wear Sunscreen
This is the biggest tip that we can give anyone past the age of 30 who still hasn’t listened to this bit of advice. You need to wear sunscreen. This is not a debatable point. It isn’t something that applies to only specific skin tones. This is a universal rule for good skincare. You need to make sure to wear sunscreen each and every day to help protect your skin from the effects of UV rays. They will damage and dry out your skin over time and cause a higher degree of long term damage. This will make it even easier for your skin to form wrinkles and undo any benefits that you might be getting from regularly exfoliating. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full sunscreen though. You can get away with just using a moisturizer with SPF as long as you make sure you’re getting comparable levels of protection. This means ensuring the product will provide you with broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. We do recommend sticking with sunscreens if you will be outside for any true length of time though as then you can look for ones that include a physical blocker like zinc oxide in their active ingredients for that extra dose of protection.

In the end, one of the other things you can do is commit yourself to ensuring that your skin gets adequate moisture. The changes that come with mid-life lead to our sin gradually beginning to dry out more and more over time. This happens because our skin has a harder time retaining moisture as it is getting thinner with less and less collagen to help form the barrier. You can help counteract this some by remembering to moisturize all of your skin regularly. We recommend routinely checking and making sure the moisturizer you’re using is helping your skin enough. The moisturizer that worked in your 20s will not necessarily work in your 30s and so on and so forth. All those subtle shifts add up combined with any other skincare missteps that might be being made until your skin ends up far drier than intended. Talk to your dermatologist if you seem to have particular problems with dry spots as your approach mid-life to get a clear idea on how to handle stubborn spots.

Preparing for mid-life skin changes means accepting what is going to change and moving forward from there. Knowing what is coming lets you tailor your skincare routine to counteract the changes and make them less pronounced. This lets you then make sure that your skin will be as healthy as possible as you confront the passage of time. Hopefully these tips will be the boost you need to approach the future confidently.

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