Ice Cold Facials

Ice Cold Facials

The potential for using the cold for cosmetic purposes is something not everyone considers. Medical professionals have used it for ages to help treat the body, but we’re only recently beginning to utilize its potentials for the face. It may end up changing the face of the traditional facial and changing your morning routine more than you think though. Ice cold facials aren’t quite a trend yet, but they’re enjoying a growing prominence among beauty gurus and others. They help the skin in numerous ways utilizing the cold while being quicker, in most cases, than a traditional facial. Those looking for a way to cool down while still treating their skin well might want to look into one of these the next time they go to the spa instead of having another day in a sauna.

An Ice Facial? Seriously?
It is better for your skin than you’d think. We’ve all heard home remedies on ways to use chilled objects like spoons to help with particular beauty problems. They seldom work very well, but there is just enough to it that the ideas keep perpetuating themselves. Trying these folk remedies won’t get you much, but they were on to something. A chilling facial is just the thing to help a number of different skin issues. These can be used to help recover from sunburn and otherwise control redness of the skin. More importantly, these facials can help deal with puffy eyes, tighten the skin, and otherwise, leave your skin looking smoother than you thought was possible before. You’ll want someone who knows what they’re doing in charge of it all to get the best results though.

How Does It Work?
In many cases, ice facials center around ice water or products designed to mimic the temperatures involved with ice water. Professionals will have you relax as with a normal facial, but typically will begin to bring out chilled products that can be easily and carefully moved around the face to chill it without the need to directly apply ice to the skin. The chill is where most of the benefits will come from as it causes muscles and skin to tighten and firm up slightly. Cold is a known anti-inflammatory as well which is why it is so good for helping with puffiness and countering redness. Both you and your esthetician can get more out of an ice facial with cyro serums. These are, in essence, frozen serum ice cubes that you can use on skin to provide both the chilling benefit of an ice facial along with the potent care represented by a serum.

Should I Try It?
A big thing to note about ice cold facials is that many professionally done ones will resemble traditional facials to at least a degree. The effect of the cold do replace some ingredients, but they do still use some familiar techniques. Applying the cold products is typically akin to a massage as well that also helps the skin. They do often take a shorter amount of time unless the person performing the facial is stretching things out as it requires less concentrated effort. That said an ice cold facial won’t fully replace any kind of facial. It has its benefits, but the drawbacks include that cold itself being less pleasant than a traditional facial. The skin also won’t enjoy being subjected to such treatment constantly. This sort of facial is something to try along with any other specialty facial that interests you, but you only need to continue it if you feel you’re actually getting results.

Ice cold facials take many forms. Some of the better ones are done by professionals, but over the counter options exist to help you get the benefits at home. These can be both single and multi-use products depending on how you wish to invest in trying this growing practice in beauty. You don’t really have anything to lose by trying the trend. You should pay close attention to your skin when trying it though. The cold may be  anti-inflammatory, but too much of it can cause issues as well.

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