Indulge in a European Facial

Indulge in a European Facial

A day at the spa means many things, but for many of us, the key thing it means is taking the time to get a facial. It is relaxing, healing, and leaves our skin feeling softer than we thought possible since the last time we got a facial. Spas keep getting increasingly varied with their facials now though. Various cultural variations exist or subtle changes made to a standard facial that it can be a bit bewildering when you’re trying to figure out precisely what you want. The culturally inspired facials all have distinct benefits, but sometimes you just want something simple that still helps. This is where a European facial comes in. People in western countries are used to these as they are generally the “standard” facial. We’re taking a look at them this time so you don’t forget why it is still beneficial to indulge in a basic facial now and again.

Cleansing and Exfoliating
A European facial necessarily begins with cleansing the skin. Spas have their own particular products or mixtures that they favor using for this. It also changes depending on if you select a particular goal for your facial that leads them to pick other products. Regardless, the cleansing provides a solid foundation after which the professional in charge is able to get a good look at your then clear skin to start making decisions on how best to treat it later. Cleansing is followed by a gentle exfoliation to finish the process of cleaning your skin. Remember that clean skin is necessary to get the most out of any products whether it is in your routine or a professional one. You can particularly benefit from this kind of professional cleaning as it doesn’t add anything novel afterwards that can do things like cause oil buildup.

Healing Touch
Facial massages are a common middle component. This does vary depending on the spa, but it is relatively common. These focus on stimulating each area of the face carefully through a particular series of movements. A good facial massage helps to counter wrinkles in various areas by helping smooth them out at the same time as it is encouraging circulation. You might remember being encouraged to try facial massages before and this is the reason why. A good massage encourages blood flow and appropriate drainage in your body. This results in less puffiness in the face at the same time that the blood flow boosts collagen production. Boosting collagen production helps to smooth out wrinkles further. The increased blood flow will also give you a nice, natural glow right after your facial.

Finishing With Flair
Depending on the spa, the end of a facial is often the use of various products to customize the routine to a degree. A competent professional utilizes the time after they’ve cleaned your skin to assess problem areas of your face and applies products that work counter to them. This can take many forms ranging from serums, toners, and masks to other products depending on individual sensibilities. The overall goal is to take advantage of your clean skin and the increased circulation to help products have the most effect that can possibly have at once. You’ll likely have at least one moisturizer applied to your face towards the end to help counter any dryness from other product choices and the cleansing and exfoliating steps. Overall, it results in an overall lighter routine than some of the ethnic-styled facials.

A European facial is just the basic facial most of us experienced the first time we arranged for one at a spa. They’re just as good for your skin as an ethnic-oriented facial, but the overall lightweight style can make a change of pace if you’re used to more intensive routines. The overall lightness also makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin as it avoids exposing the skin to too many unknowns. You should remember that standards are often the standard for a reason. So indulge the next time you get the chance and pamper your skin.

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