Is Exfoliation for Eyes Necessary?

Is Exfoliation for Eyes Necessary?

We can all agree that proper exfoliation is a key to a good skincare routine. Our skin, for all its beauty and effectiveness, isn’t necessarily the best at how it protects the rest of itself and renews its defenses. We are regularly growing new skin cells that gradually grow older and die to create the outermost layers of our skin. This defends against sun damage and other more direct forms of damage as well. Unfortunately, the process by which it sheds the outermost cells of the outer layer is somewhat flawed. It isn’t that the shedding doesn’t happen, but rather that the dead cells can cling to other dead cells our get caught up in our natural oils. These errors and others can lead to skin problems ranging from overall dullness to breakouts. That’s why we exfoliate. We give the shedding a helping hand and everything keeps moving smoothly. A lot of us skip one area though: the eyes. We’re going to take a closer look at whether or not exfoliation for eyes is a good idea and what we can do with that knowledge.

The Eyes Have It
Trying to decide whether exfoliating around the eyes is a good idea or not requires understanding the skin in that area. The skin around your eyes is some of the most sensitive skin on your face. It is far thinner than the rest of it and almost always in motion thanks to the area being a predominant way in which we show emotions. All that crinkling doesn’t do such thin skin any favors. Thin, sensitive skin is an issue that requires extra consideration. Anything you do to the area will have a magnified effect, for good or for ill, and the proximity to the eyes means mistaken product application could end up physically damaging your eyes too. You need a steady hand and careful product choice to even consider exfoliating in the area. We all need those, though. The area around your eyes is still skin and more susceptible to various factors that make exfoliating a good idea. How do you go about it though?

Gently, Gently, Gently
Being careful when it comes to the skin around your eyes can seem a little threatening when you haven’t done it before. There are a few key rules to ensuring you don’t hurt the area that can guide you though. Don’t use your usual exfoliating product. This is especially true when you’re used to used a scrub. Nothing of the sort, unless specifically formulated for the area around your eyes, should be used. Gentle chemical exfoliating products are always the best options. You can find plenty of these specifically marketed for care around the eyes. Stick with those to ensure your skin remains healthy. Following these rules is relatively easy, but you also need to remember to apply the product around your eye carefully. Don’t put apply too much pressure and gently tap it around the area. The last thing you need to remember is that you should probably only exfoliate the area around your eyes at night.

Aftercare Is A Must
You’ll want to stick to night use as exfoliating such sensitive skin does mean you need to give it extra considerations afterwards. The skin is already more susceptible to sunlight than the rest of your skin and thinning it further with exfoliation means you want it to have time to recover. Letting it do so overnight with a nice moisturizer is a fairly good way to give it just that. Circumstances aren’t always ideal though and some of us prefer not to have a night routine at all beyond removing makeup. It is easy enough to accommodate this kind of lifestyle as well. You’ll need to be particularly careful with your eyes though. Make sure to apply some form of SPF protection to the area before you go outside. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have large enough sunglasses to protect it further. These multiple layers of protection are crucial if you want the skin to remain healthy.

Exfoliating around your eyes helps to avoid dullness, increase blood flow, and even minimize the appearance of wrinkles just like it does with other areas of your skin. You have to be particularly gentle to ensure that you’re doing well by your skin when exfoliating around that area though. Showing the right amount of care and protection after exfoliating is also important. If you manage to do this all correctly though, you can expect to keep your eyes looking youthful for longer than those who don’t make the effort.

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