Is Time The Only Threat To Anti-Aging

Is Time The Only Threat To Anti-Aging

Putting an effort into fighting back against the signs of age is something more and more people are being encouraged to start at younger ages. The idea is that in starting early we can delay the effects of time. Time is the enemy when it comes to most anti-aging skincare. We can delay and minimize the signs of aging for a long time with appropriate skincare, but ultimately time is what will catch up with us. All our efforts typically lead to use simply aging a little more gracefully than we otherwise would. This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but what can you really do in the face of something like that? Clinical immortality certainly isn’t a thing yet and scientists haven’t figured out how to stop the gradual changes our skin undergoes due to time. It isn’t the only threat we need to worry about though. There are plenty of others that are threats to our anti-aging skincare goals that we all need to remember.

The Sun
Yes, summer is a delightful time for almost everyone. The sun is high in the sky and everyone tends to be enjoying themselves outside. Sun tanning is incredibly common and everyone is striving to look their best. The catch here is that exposure to the sun is a threat to your anti-aging efforts just as much as the sheer passage of time. Sun exposure results in y our skin being struck by UV rays that in turn damage the skin over time. A big issue here isn’t necessarily the immediate damage in the form of sunburn. Free radicals introduced to the skin by sun exposure are the major threat as they accelerate and magnify the effects of aging by increasing the rate at which collagen breaks down in the skin. Further harm is done as the free radicals continually degrade your skin’s healing process as long as they are in it. The best solution is to remember your antioxidant-rich products and use them to try and minimize this particular threat.

Woman smoking
Your own habits can be your worst enemy when it comes to trying to get the most out of your anti-aging products. Alcohol in excess is bad enough for your skin as it leads to the skin being a bit drier than usual as well as other issues such as the potential for internal damage to the skin itself or the blood vessels within it. Smoking is far worse for your skin though. The introduction of countless poisonous chemicals that weren’t specifically designed to work well with your body plays havoc with various aspects of your health. Your skin is particularly likely to suffer as it literally poisons your skin and strangles it. The skin gets drier from smoking and the blood flow ends up reduced as well. These two aspects combined contribute to an accelerated rate of aging. Additionally, it reduces your skin’s ability to heal itself. These combined issues mean your skin will not only age faster, but it will have more difficulty recovering from any additional issues…such as the effects of normal aging.

We can all be our own worst enemies when it comes to our anti-aging goals. This is because most of us have an issue of knowing when to stop and take a break. Stress is one of the leading causing of premature aging across multiple areas of health. The modern era has a way of keeping us chronically busy with nothing to actually help prevent the buildup of obligations and projects until we end up being chronically overwhelmed. All the stress from this puts a constant strain on our body that is had difficulty controlling. Your skin tends to suffer from decreased circulation and poor health overall as it becomes more prone to breakouts. Frequently you’ll also experience other issues as the stress hormones cause a gradual degradation of most of your body’s systems as the cells responsible for various bits of your health and appearance simply die because they don’t get the support they need. Managing your stress is key if you want to avoid this particular threat to your anti-aging goals.

Some people would have you think that time and its rigors are the only real threat to any anti-aging steps that you’re taking. The truth is that, more often than not, we’re the true threats to such goals. Poor stress management or habits can lead to use accelerating our own apparent aging or otherwise nullifying the steps we take to manage the signs of aging. Try to take a step back and examine your own habits to ensure you’re not falling into any of these traps. Making the effort will help you protect your skin against time and its accomplices in a far more effective manner.

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