Kissable Feet

Kissable Feet

Most people dedicated to skin care spend a lot of time focusing on their skin’s health. A good facial routine keeps your skin healthy and young while exfoliating your body leaves your skin utterly soft to the touch. There is a problem though. A lot of us end up neglecting one of the most supportive parts of our body: our feet. People forget to clean their feet thoroughly and exfoliate them to share the love the rest of their skin gets. It’s understandable as it can be awkward to care for one’s feet, but that is still skin that needs attention. Cleaning and caring for it properly will give it many of the same benefits as the rest of your skin. Additionally, keeping them clean helps avoid unsightly nail problems over time.

Similarly, your feet benefit from exfoliation just as much as the rest of your skin. There is a bit of a difference in how you need to go about it though. The tops of your feet are easy enough to include when you’re using a sugar or salt scrub. Properly exfoliating the bottoms of your feet takes a pumice stone or similar product. These rough, porous stones are ideal for exfoliating your heels and others areas of the bottoms of your feet where calluses like to build up. Calluses serve a practical purpose if you’re walking around in bare feet, but they’re not terribly attractive. The thicker skin is also typically resistant to scrubs. Using a pumice stone will let you carefully exfoliate away the calluses without harming the rest of your skin. Fortunately for those with busy lives, you don’t need to exfoliate the bottoms of your feet as often as the rest of your skin as it takes a bit for callouses to build up.

Socks and Shoes
A lot of our shoe options these days proclaim they have antimicrobial coatings to minimize odor or other technobabble that say we don’t need to wear socks. It is often true that you can wear the shoes comfortably without them and the shoes will still smell fine later. However, socks provide extra cushioning and protection for the skin of your feet. You probably want to try to focus on finding pleasant, soft ones that provide coverage without rubbing anywhere too roughly and generating calluses. Similarly, always wear shoes that are comfortable. Tight shoes can and will hurt your feet. Tight ones tend to rub against the skin constantly and can quickly build callouses or even blister area of your feet. Caring for your feet properly isn’t just about the obvious parts of skin care. You have to take the steps to protect the skin just like you would any other area.

Woman moisturizing feet.

Wash And Moisturize
The basic tenants of skin care hold true when taking proper care of your feet as well. You need to make the time to carefully wash your feet with whatever your favorite soap is and get between the toes. Your feet are particularly susceptible to fungal infections, unlike the rest of your body, due to being in shoes so often. This tends to general the kind of environment that diseases like athlete’s foot can thrive in. Appropriately cleaning helps guard against this and other fungal infections as well. This should also help avoid the kinds of infections that get under your toenails as well. Taking the time to moisturize your feet is advisable. Our feet are often subjected to alternate doses of warm and wet depending on our particular exercise habits. This can lead to situations where the skin of your feet at the most in danger of drying out and cracking. So don’t neglect them when you’re moisturizing the rest of your skin.

Getting beautiful, soft feet is a task that takes time. You can easily do it simply by remembering to include your feet in your normal skin care routine though. The only reason feet tend to suffer is simply from forgetfulness. Being mindful of your feet is the only real key to ensuring that you feet understand what it means to live a good lifestyle too.

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