Lotion And Skin Healing

Lotion And Skin Healing

Lotion is a staple of skincare and something almost all of us use daily. It adds a little moisture back into our skin whenever we use this. That’s important because the soap and warm water that we use to wash our hands actually dries our skin out a little each time. This adds up and can quickly cause us problems. Dry skin is neither comfortable nor good for your skin. It can actually damage your skin and lead to it becoming damaged if the dry skin is allowed to go on long enough. This is turn makes your skin more susceptible to further damage. Lotion, it turns out, is actually far more important than most people think when it comes to keeping your both healthy and to helping it to heal. We’ll be looking into just how important so that you have a better appreciation for how much your lotion does for you each day.

Dry Skin and Sensitivity
Dry skin, as a skin type, is frequently a sensitive skin type and far more susceptible to both products and damage from outside sources. Most of us don’t need to worry about sensitive skin even if our skin is dry, but it can sensitize your skin. This is different from sensitive skin in that sensitized skin is a temporary condition brought on by a particular circumstance. Sensitized skin reacts more to environmental factors as well as being more prone to all forms of damage similar to sensitive skin. This actually makes it far harder for your skin to heal. It is too busy dealing with constant low level inflammation to send resources to focused areas to repair the skin. You want to try to keep dry skin managed for this reason specifically or it will easily get out of hand and lead to worse problems over time. Fortunately, sensitized skin will vanish once you start caring for your skin properly.

Moisture and Healthy Skin
Interestingly enough, your skin actually needs to be moist to properly heal itself. Like previously highlighted, dry skin is prone to constant low level inflammation. This can make it hard for the skin to properly care for itself. Take a moment and think about the antibacterial gels you put on your skin when you cut it or otherwise break the skin. They are all typically products with a degree of moisture that are capable of sealing the wound. Such products protect the wound from the outside world so that nothing gets in, but keep the skin moist so that it can focus on healing that particular area of the skin effectively. The antimicrobial properties certainly help as well. This need for moisture actually makes routine lotion use highly important to ensuring your skin heals itself regularly. Without it, your skin is doing far more work than it needs to be doing.

Lotion and Healing Skin
We can’t control all that happens to our skin perfectly. This is why we apply products to it routinely to manage the outside factors that hurt our skin and would otherwise keep adding up without us countering them. Applying lotion regularly prevents your skin from drying out and this in turn, keeps the skin soothed through a combination of the lotion and your natural oils. Your skin knows when it is too dry. Moisturizing it lowers inflammation and prevents your skin from becoming sensitized. This allows your skin to allocate resources effectively for the best result when healing. Additionally, you can get medicated lotions that can further support your skin’s healing and nourish it while it heals. You always want to have a good lotion at hand.

Lotions are seldom something we think of as a vital part of skincare unless we have a history of particular skin issues. Everyone can benefit from having an appropriate lotion available though. You can easily spot treat developing problem areas before they get out of hand and keep your skin happy and healthy. Lotion is crucial to this and can be your secret ally in trying to help your skin heal from various issues.

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