Maintaining Balanced Skin

Maintaining Balanced Skin

Most of the time we do our best to take care of our skin. It is a complicated dance of products and keeping an eye on outside factors that might affect our skin’s health. A big concern for most of us is keeping our skin balanced. There are some people in the world with naturally balanced skin that are used as the basis for all skin care products. People with “normal” skin don’t need to worry about as many factors as the rest of us. In general, most products are suitable for their skin and won’t affect their skin too much. The rest of us have dry, oily, combination or some other skin type that requires particularly considerations for keeping it healthy. This can make maintaining balance skin particularly frustrating. You can learn to do it though.

Learn About Your Skin
Learning to balance out your skin’s issues involves learning your skin’s type before anything else. If you don’t know this, then you won’t know the big factors to counter in keeping your skin healthy. Dry skin, for instance, has a bigger emphasis on utilizing moisturizers and paying attention to the environment than other skin types. Sensitive skin requires an intense focus on the effect a product can have on their skin. Oily skin requires making sure to include oil control in skin care. These are all examples that rest on a single type of skin though. Many of us have combination skin and that requires identifying the parts of our skin that are what kind of skin to ensure we have a clear map of care for our skin. Establishing this mental map will let you appropriately balance care across your face and body.

Learn About Your Products
Your products are the things that will have the biggest influence over your skin’s over balance. It makes perfect sense given we apply them to do just that. The fact is that products are not made equally. Some products are of inferior quality, some are specialized in their use, and some are particularly potent. These are all factors to consider when trying to determine what is okay to put on your skin. If you need oil control, an alpha-hydroxy acid cleanser is going to provide you with what you need to cleanse and push back oils, but the same thing might not work for someone with sensitive skin. Each set of ingredients has its own place in skincare. Furthermore, you also need to consider the kind of product in use. Moisturizers have varying thicknesses that can each contribute to skin health in a different way. Oily skin needs lighter moisturizers while dry skin needs heavier ones. Paying attention to your products will make it clear what is the most useful to your skin.

Learn About Environmental Factors
Some people are surprised to find out that the environment can affect their ability to maintain balanced skin. The effect isn’t as pronounced in everyone, but it is quite true. You’re more likely to notice these effects at the extremes of environment or climate though. Summer and winter each affect the skin in a different way that you need to account for in your skincare. Winter is particularly pronounced in how much specialty care it needs to counter the dry air. You need thick moisturizers then, but in summer you need light ones. Similarly, whether you live in a city or not matters. City living is convenient, but it does mean we have to contend with pollution. Fortunately, avoiding the heavy levels of it will mostly keep your skin healthy. It isn’t perfect protection though and small damage builds up over time. Researching these factors will further let you customize a routine properly.

Accounting for these factors can be a bit overwhelming to anyone just beginning their pursuit of balanced skin. Allow yourself to make mistakes and work your way along the list. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter if your skin is too dry or too oily occasionally. The only thing that matters is that you continually work towards better skin care. You’ll get there eventually and end up managing all these factors without a second thought.

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