Makeup Mistakes That Harm Your Skin

Makeup Mistakes That Harm Your Skin

Makeup is one of those things that you can end up having a love/hate relationship really easily. It is an incredibly useful tool that is wonderful for helping us to feel more confident in our appearances. Makeup covers up the things we see as faults, lets us highly our good features, and can make us feel perfect on special occasions. The downside is that it can be incredibly frustrating to apply correctly. What makes matters even worse, beyond countless hours spent actually learning how to apply it correctly, is the fact that makeup can very easily end up complicating your skincare by increasing the chance for particular issues. That generally happens because we’ve made the mistake though. As a result, it is important to understand some of the common makeup mistakes that can end up causing us to harm our skin. Understanding these will help improve your overall skincare as well as offering you ways to help avoid common problems.

Not Removing Your Makeup
We all end up getting tired at night. It is an entirely understandable state of being and doubly understandable if you’ve been out attending a function. The relief at simply dropping into bed is a hard thing to resist. It is necessary to make at least some effort at removing makeup before sleeping though. Leaving your makeup on overnight ends up creating a situation where you’re far more likely to experience breakouts. Makeup is forming a barrier over the surface of your skin and seals oils and grime close to your skin. Leaving them there will give them more of a chance to get ground down into your pores and form of a clog. This is particularly true for makeup as we apply it as the physical pressure can grind things down into the pores. Cleaning up later helps to fix this problem. You don’t necessarily need to remove it perfectly, but using wipes to give a quick and mostly effective removal will let you sleep without worries of breakouts.

Vigorous Application
The age we all come to makeup at tends to vary greatly. Traditionally many young women end up learning a lot in their teens, but some simply skip over that bit of knowledge. There are also plenty of others who come to makeup later in life as well. This can end up meaning we have bad habits that no one has corrected yet. A major one is the tendency to pull the skin around the eyes to help get an even application of eyeliner or a similar product. Not only will this potentially end up disrupting the look once the skin returns to resting position, but it also damages the skin. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and stretching it like that damages the underlying collagen. It makes your more likely to get fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes sooner. Additionally, damaging the collagen ends up making it even thinner and more likely for you to experience dark circles around your eyes. Use a light touch when applying all of your makeup to avoid these kinds of mistake.

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Avoiding Protective Products
There is a natural and healthy skepticism that goes along with the appearance of new makeup products. Most of us have had a bad experience or two that made the skepticism reflexive as a means of protecting our skin. Unfortunately, that can end up causing us to avoid beneficial products. A good example of this is how many people end up with the unfortunate idea that they need to use sunscreen or makeup instead of both. It is a confusing notion to come to and ignores the fact that hybrid products exist that offer the benefits of both. Makeup with SPF products are a relatively recent innovation that offers a way to help protect our skin all while looking our best. When combined with the existence of SPF containing moisturizers, you’re able to protect, heal, and make your skin even more beautiful all at once. That makes it more than worth trying out a few new products.

As wonderful as makeup is, it can lead to problems if we’re not careful. Most of these problems all relate to our habits with it though. The keys to avoiding them tend to be remembering to apply makeup gently, use products that protect our skin, and to remove the makeup at the end of the day. You’ll generally be able to feel confident that your skin will stay healthy and you’ll keep looking your best.

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