Minimize the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Minimize the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Our pores are a crucial part of our skin. They allow our skin to secrete natural oils to the surface of the skin to help it keep itself healthy and maintain some of the natural defenses that we take for granted. Unfortunately, not everything works like we’d like it to and sometimes our pores become the root of particularly frustrating skin issues that we immediately seek to fix. The most common of these is feeling like our pores have grown larger. It is a misconception that your pores grow and shrink. They can constrict though. Level of constriction is largely regulated by the hormone levels of your body and is technically responsible for some of the main differences observed between the skin of people whose bodies are estrogen dominant and those that are testosterone dominant. There are reasons our pores can start looking larger than we’d like though. Learning techniques to minimize how large pores appears can help us restore our confidence when it seems like our pores are conspiring against our aspirations of flawless skin.

Check Your Routine
A basic skincare routine can help minimize the appearance of seemingly enlarged pores. The typical thing causing the problem is dirt, debris, and oils getting caught in a pore and providing an outline of it as a result. This creates the appearance of it seeming to be larger when it really is the same size it was before. A thorough cleaning can do wonders to counteract the issue. Remember that a basic rinse and cleanse does a lot for your skin even if it seems highly basic. Lukewarm to warm water is your friend when rinsing as it will help strip away unwelcome dirt and debris without damaging your skin like hot water. Cleansing should help break up the oily parts of the problems and let your pores properly breathe again without them appearing larger. Admittedly, you’ll want to make sure you’re exfoliating regularly too to give yourself just that much more of an edge when it comes to minimizing the apparent size of pores.

Protect Your Skin
Think of the appearance of larger pores as further motivation to remember to apply your sunscreen daily. Sun damage tends to degrade the overall appearance of your skin in multiple ways. Damage to your complexion tends to alter how visible your pores are alongside the potential for increased oil production from the skin being more dried out as well. It doesn’t make for a good combination for anyone wanting to keep their skin looking smooth and healthy. You just need to remember to apply sunscreen every day to help prevent this particular problem. A basic sunscreen you pick up at a drugstore will be perfectly fine as long as it provides you with broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher. That’s all it takes to ensure you’re actually getting a decent level of protection for your skin. You can escalate that level of protection by utilizing a mineral sunscreen that uses zinc oxide or another physical blocker to reflect the UV rays for an extra boost though.

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Try A Peel
It can be a bit difficult to counteract pores that seem determined to appear larger than they are. This typically happens when the things filling in the pore are deeper seated than standard exfoliation can provide. That’s where a chemical peel can come in handy. Whether at home or supervised, these are potent exfoliating options that go just that much farther than your basic chemical exfoliating product. They will generally be able to help deal with stubborn enlarged pores and help reduce them in size by eliminating some of the excess layers of skin and reaching deep into the pore. The downside is that such a potent treatment does require a bit of aftercare to ensure that your skin heals properly from the experience. Remember not to pull at the peeling skin and to simply allow it to fall away naturally. Your skin will thank you for it later. Make sure to moisturize it regularly, if carefully, to ensure that the skin stays healthy throughout healing and to avoid any other issues making your pores seem larger.

Minimizing the apparent size of your pores isn’t that hard. The biggest factors involved are damage done to your skin and how clean it is at the time. Cleaning your skin thoroughly can do wonders for helping to correct the appearance of pores that seem too larger. Admittedly, you need to properly protect your skin from sun damage to be truly sure you’re doing what you can. Keep these in mind the next time you spot some overly larger pores and you may know exactly what you need to do to fix the problem.

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