Morning Exfoliation Routine

Morning Exfoliation Routine

Learning the various ins and outs of exfoliation allows you to keep your skin soft, youthful, and healthy. The fact is that exfoliating properly is necessary to keep your skin looking its best. Your skin is constantly shedding skin cells. This isn’t a symptom of something being wrong, but is instead part of its function that helps both protect and renew your skin over time. The uppermost layer of your outer skin is nothing but layers of dead skin cells over the younger, living skin to defend it against the elements. Exfoliation is the careful art of removing enough of these layers to let your healthy skin shine without removing so many layers that you expose it. OROGOLD has talked about exfoliation a lot before, but this time, we’d like to highlight the best things to both do and consider when exfoliating in the mornings.

Before we go any farther, it merits mentioning that exfoliating does help your skin, but there are slight drawbacks. Your skin is slightly sensitized after exfoliating and can remain so for a little while. This means you need to take particular care of your skin on the days that you exfoliate. This includes ensuring that you moisturize properly in your morning skin care routine as well as making sure you apply sunscreen to protect the sensitized skin against the sun. We cannot stress enough that the layers of skin you’re removing are there for your skin’s protection and removing them is what causes these effects. It does help your skin though by encouraging the skin to properly shed the cells and preventing buildup. Beauty simply comes with the trade off of being extra aware of your skin these days. Additionally, don’t over-exfoliate or you will damage your skin.

Before Exfoliating
Cleanse your face before you start exfoliating. This is especially important if you use a device to exfoliate your face. The initial cleaning removes some of the debris and natural oil buildup for your skin to allow a cleanser or exfoliating product better access to your skin. OROGOLD encourages the use of lukewarm water to keep your skin from reacting one way or another during the initial cleaning. A dedicated cleansing product is good, but you can readily use a hybrid cleansing and exfoliating product. Make sure that you select your exfoliating product according to your skin type. Normal skin types can make use of a myriad of exfoliating products, but people with dry skin should favor fine-grained moisturizing exfoliators to prevent contributing to their skin’s dryness. People with oily skin should favor products that help to either neutralize or control the oil production in the skin.

How you use your actual product will vary, but in general you should carefully rub the product across your skin. Don’t press down hard. This can pull the skin and lead to fine lines over time or scrap a physical exfoliator across the skin instead of gently gliding it. Many suggest massage it into your skin in tight, gentle circles to ensure maximum coverage of the skin. There are other ways of massaging it in, but this one helps ensure as little of the skin is missed in the process as possible. We do wish to stress keeping in mind any particular instructions that an exfoliating product includes. Many of us enjoy using peeling products occasionally and they have special instructions when compared against standard products. Just remember to read the directions of your product carefully and everything should work well.

Exfoliating really is only a single step in a morning routine. The main thing to remember is that it shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence in your routine or you can rapidly find yourself exfoliating your skin raw. Most skin types should only be exfoliating around twice a week. OROGOLD does wish to highlight that people with dry skin should stick to once a week while those with oily skin should try around three. Incorporating regular exfoliation into your skin care routine means you need to watch your skin and take care of it. A firm understanding of exfoliating will ultimately benefit your skin over the long term by helping you minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.

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